So where to begin? I guess how I began as the Chipettes manager...

(4 Months after the Chipettes came to live with Dave)

  • Ding Dong*

Dave - He's Here!

Brittney - You're Cusin, James Seville?

Dave - Yep. [Dave then opened the Door.]

Dave - Hi James

James - Hi Dave How are you?

Dave - Quite well, My Legs are almost completly healed from that Concert. So How's the move going?

James - Excellent. I'm glad to be out of Wisconsin. So these are the Chipmunks I've herd so much about.

Dave - Yep, Kids why don't you introduce yourselves?

Theodore - Hi I'm Theodore.

Simon - and I'm Simon

Alvin - and I'm Alvin. and were the Chipmunks.

Brittney - Hello, I'm Brittney and this is my sister, Eleanore.

Eleanore - Hello James, Verry good to meet you.

Jeanette - and I'm their sister Jeanette

Brittney - and Were the Chipettes.

[Later, after various discussion and an enjoyable game of Monopoly (Which Jeanette won) and dinner]

Dave - So now can I talk to you alone James?

James - Sure.

[Dave and James go into Dave's Study and begin talking, Meanwhile the Chipmunks and Chipettes try to listen in...]

Dave - ......Can't handle this much, taking care of the boys and girls ....

James - ... I can take care of the Chipettes ...... take them off your Hands ....

Brittney - Did anyone else get what they were saying?

Jeanette - Not much.

Alvin - If Dave is sending away the Chipettes, We might never see them again.

Brittney - And Dave said that he's been moving... Maybe to New York or something...

Simon - Come on, we can't possibly make assumtions by the few things we hurd.

Jeanette - Yea, It's not likely that Dave would ship us off without telling us!

Theodore *Crying* - I don't want you to go Eleanore!

Eleanore *Cring also* - I don't want to leave you eather Theodore!

Simon - Pull yourselves together! we'll ask Dave when they come out ok?

All the others - ok ...

[Dave and James leaves Dave's study]

Dave - Brittney, Jeanette, Eleanore can we talk to you for a minute?

The Chipettes - ok...

[Dave, James and The Chipettes go into Dave's Study]

Dave - We've been discussing about you girls, I can't handle taking care of you girls and the boys ...

Brittney - So then were moving to New York with James?

James - New York? I'm not moving to New York! I'm moving here to L.A.

Dave - And No, your not moving in with him, We're suggesting that James becomes your Manager, because I can't manage both you girls and the Chipmunks.

Eleanore - Yea!

Brittney - That's a relief.

James - Who gave you that crazy idea?

Jeanette - We were tring to listen in on your conversation, then Alvin came up with that idea.

Dave - Well you girls should know better than that. [Dave turns toward James.] James I'll talk to Alvin about this.

[Later] James - I've got to go. I'ts late. I'll see you girls later. And you boys too.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes - Bye James.

[James Leaves] Brittney - I'm glad we now have our own Manager.

Jeanette - I wonder how he'll be as our manager?

Dave - Don't worry, James is really nice, and will be able to help you girls get into the spotlight.

Brittney - That's Great!

Dave - now everyone to bed.

[End of Part One] Part 2 --->

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