<--- Part 3 James and his Chipettes sat down on Miss Miller's couch, confused, and quiet. meanwhile Eleanor, in the kitchen, is confused also, "Why is there another group with our name? Why did each of them have our names also?" Eleanor Thought. "Maybe they haven't herd of us.... maybe their from another country.... but aren't we known world-wide?" Meanwhile Jeanette was over trying to get Brittany to come downstairs. "Come on Brittany! We need you now!" Jeanette said. "You'll have to wait, Alvin's picking me up for the dance at 7, and I only have 3 Hours to get ready," Brittany replied. She stuck her head right in Jeanette's face. "So unless it's an emergency, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" "But Brittany..." "Is it an emergency?" "Yes! there's another set of girls with our names claiming their the Chipettes! and their downstairs!" Brittany fell off her chair. "Why didn't say that before?" Brittany asked. "I tried." Jeanette replied.

Then the Doorbell rang. Eleanor ran over to the door, "I'll get it" she yelled. Eleanor opened the door and Alvin, Simon and Theodore were standing there. "Come on in" Eleanor told them. "So what's going on?" Simon asked. Eleanor explained to them what had happened. "It reminds me of the time we meet you girls and you we calling yourselves the Chipmunks." Alvin said. "Alvin? your hear early?" Brittany asked. "Nope, Jeanette asked us to come over, to help sort this out." Alvin replied. "Well, lets get this over with, I still have to get ready." Brittany said irritated.

About a few feet away, "Where are they!" Alvin exclaimed. "You won't help anything by getting angry Alvin." Simon replied. "I know, I just am upset, because I was finally able to enjoy having Brit around so much." "Yea, I know how you feel Alvin, I miss Jen too." they continued to walk down by a bunch of houses. "Hey look, over in that house!" Theodore exclaimed. "There in there. I see Jen, Elie and James!" "Do you see Brit with them?" Alvin asked. "I'm not sure" Theodore replied. "We've got to get in there." Simon said. "hmm. They may have a doggy door on the other side of the house, we can get in through there." "Let's do it!" Alvin said. And they went around the house and there it was like Simon said, All Three chipmunks jumped through.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes were discussing what they could do with them, when suddenly, Brittany screamed and ran back. "Rats!" she yelled, Everyone else jumped back also. "Hey, hey ,hey hold it genius, were not Rats! Were Chipmunks! Chip-Munks" Alvin replied. "That's Impossible!" The '80's Simon replied. "were Chipmunks, and you're only 8 inches tall!" "Yes, I've noticed that lots of Animals here seem to grow taller than were we live." Si replied. "So if you don't mind we'll take our friends you have and be on our way." Alvin said. "Their your friends?" Eleanor asked. "I little bit more like family. well, scene the Chipettes moved in with us..." "They know them as the Chipettes also!" Jeanette said. "who else would they be except for the Chipettes?" Alvin replied "Yea, they it's like trying to call us something other than Alvin and the Chipmunks." Simon replied. "Ok, today has been an extremely weird day. first them, then these guys." Eleanor said. "Yea, you said it" Jeanette replied.

The Chipmunks and Chipettes went into the other room where James and The Chipettes were. Alvin and the boys ran over to their female counterparts to see if they were ok, and they were surprised to see that Brittany was hurt. "You boys are ok!" James said excitedly. "Will Brit be ok?" Alvin asked. "She'll be fine." Elie replied. "So if you guys are the Chipmunks and Chipettes prove it by singing!" Brittany said with both sarcasm and anger in her voice. "Ok" James replied, James went over to the speaker they had and connected his MP3 Player and began a musical-only version of 'Were the Chipmunks' and James and the Chipmunks sang it perfectly. "Wow, there better then us!" Theodore said. "No there not better than us." Alvin replied. "Ok, so now you girls prove that your really the Chipettes!" Alvin angerly said. "Wait a second" Simon interrupted. "I think I may have the answer to this problem" "I'm all ears, Simon." Jeanette replied. "I'm not" Alvin mumbled, and looked at Simon angerly. "I remember last night right before I went to bed, The Time machine I've been working on activated. It seemed to drop something off by our school." "Wait, Is your school Thomas Edison Elementary?" James asked. "Yes." Simon replied. "Then that was us!" Elie exclaimed! "Then that's what happened!" James said. "We must have warped through Time! What year is it?" "1988" Jeanette replied. "Then... that must be" Brit said. "Brit, you should rest." James said. "I... know" Brit replied.

"I wonder if they know what that Stone was?" James said. "What stone?" Jeanette asked. "This one" and James pulled out the stone in the shape of a Lightning Bolt. Jeanette tried to grab to look at it, but It shocked her when she touched it. "Ow." Jeanette replied. "Where did you find it?" "Brit was laying on it when we found her. I hope she can get better soon." James replied. Then suddenly a bolt of lightning came out from the stone, and right into Brit, "Brittany!" Both Jen, and Elie yelled! then as quick as the bolt appeared it disappeared. and Brittany was standing on both legs. "Brittany?" Jen said confused. "James! Jeanette! Eleanor! Look my leg is healed!" Brit exclaimed. "Wow" Everyone said. "When I said she was going to get better, I didn't think I was going to be so fast..." James said.

"Can we maybe see this 'Time Machine' of yours?" James asked. "Sure" Simon replied. The Chipmunks, Chipettes, and James along with the Alternate Chipmunks/Chipettes went over to their house. and looked at the machine. "Hmm.. I think we can look into the future and find out if our theory is correct." James said. "Simon please activate the Machine. set it to 2010?" "But I don't know how to use this machine." The smaller Simon replied. "Sorry I wasn't talking to you. I think It might be better If we use each of your nicknames for separation purposes." James said. "I like that idea, It helps distinguish us." Jeanette replied "So then you kids with me, we'll use your Nicknames, and we'll call you kids by your normal names." James declared. Everyone agreed. Simon activated the Time Machine showing 2010. It showed a Mansion, with Alvin and Brittany living inside. Simon stopped the showing before anything else was shown.

"Well that proves that we aren't from the future." Brit said. "I've got it! maybe were from an alternate Dimension or Universe!" Si said. "But that only happens in the Movies," Alvin replied "right? ... right?" "Maybe not," Simon replied. "If that is true, I could modify my Time Machine to be able to warp into other Universes." "I'll help you." Jeanette said. "And we'll help too." James said. Simon and Jeanette agreed. "Well if that's all done I have to get ready." Brittany said while leaving. "I can see If Dave will be ok with you kids staying with us until we can get back to your Universe." Simon said. "I hope we can get back within 2 weeks." Elie said. "What's in 2 weeks?" Eleanor asked. "Our concert, and It's supposed to be big!" Brit replied. "By the way, do you know of a place were we can practice?" James asked them. "You could practice at the School Auditorium." Jeanette replied. "Great!" James said. Simon came back down the stairs. "It's all good with Dave. You can stay here with us!" Simon said. "That's excellent Simon!" James replied. "Well lets begin work."

[End of Part 4]

Part 5 --->

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