<--- Chapter 1 [In a Dark room, a figure looking like Alvin is standing, and hears someone coming in the room, the Figure turns too see another figure looking like Theodore coming in the room...]

Alvin? - How is it coming?

Theodore? - It's all ready sir,...

Alvin? - Excellent Theo. We shall begin taking over the rest of the Multi-verse as soon as the rest arive.

Theodore? - There is one problem...


Theodore? - Yea... but the Machine needs a Time Machine. and no one in this Universe has a Time Machine. or else..

Alvin? - Or else they would have tried to change the past like that Ian Hawke?

Theodore? - Yea... [droops head] how can we complete the plan now?

Alvin? - [Smiles with an evil grin and looks into a Dimention Window into the '80's Universe] By using theirs. Have her modify it to coincide with theirs.

Theodore? - Yes sir, but we have to test it...

Alvin? - We will Theo, we will. Muhahhahahahahhahaha....

[Four Months after James Seville met the Chipettes]

[The Girls just finished practicing for their concert in 2 weeks and had went into their Dressing Room, James comes in to congraulate them]

James - Good Job girls! all of you where fantastic! You girls will do excellently at the concert.

Jeanette - Yea, but Charice was seeming to come down with something, and Queensbury has a concert the day before ours.

James - Don't worry Jeanette, I was talking to Queensbury and they will be able to make it in time. And Charice assured me that she'll be better before the Concert.

Brittany - Yea Jeanette, Don't worry so much.

[Just then Dave and the Boys walked in.]

Alvin - Hey Brittany!

Brittany - Alvin!

Simon - You Girls sounded great!

Eleanor - You really think so?

Theodore - Yea!

James - Come on everyone! Ice Cream on me!

Chipmunks and Chipettes - Yea!

[The Chipmunks jump down and the Chipettes was about to follow when a Sphere apeared around them and James and began to disapear and when the Chipmunks say this they tried to save them...]

Alvin - What is this thing? Simon do you know?

Simon - Not a clue.. Alvin, Don't jump on...

[But it was already to late, Alvin tried to jump in, but was absorbed inside the sphere and was also trapped inside the sphere]

Theodore - Alvin! [Theodore jumps in after Alvin but almost becomes trapped but Simon grabs Theodore's Tail]

Simon - Theodore!

[The Sphere then absorbs both Theodore and Simon and Disapeares along with James, The Chipmunks and Chipettes.. Dave is too stuned to know what to do next.]

[End of Part 2]

Chapter 3 --->

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