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The Chipmunks, Chipettes, and James where within a Time Tunnel warping them back to their own time, when they all noticed something strange happened. "What was that?" Brittany asked the 'Smart Ones' in the group. "I-I don't know..." Jeanette replied. "I'm scared." Theodore replied, "Don't worry, and just hold on tight to me." Eleanor replied to him. "I hope this won't mess up our Quarantines." James replied. Alvin began to slip out of James' grip. "I'm Slipping!" he shouted, "Just hold on! I'll get a better grip!" James replied, but before he could Alvin holding on to Brittany had slipped out and fell away from the rest of the group, "ALVINNN!!! BRITTANY!!!" James shouted but it was too late. they both had disappeared into history. Then Simon suddenly lost his grip, Si, Al, and Theo tried to pull them back and hold on to them, but the pull from an event in History became so strong it pulled all of them into it. Then James with his Chipettes, Theodore & Eleanor began to deviate off course, into the distant past, but Theodore lost his grip on Eleanor and was pulled into yet another spot in time.

Meanwhile in the present time, "Dinner's Ready!" Dave shouted. He walked toward the Downstairs door and opened it, "You guys are going to love the ..." Dave looked around. "Boys?" Dave looked over at the Time-Warp Machine. The screens were flashing "WARNING, MALFUCTION!" Dave was worried. "Maybe Simon or James left some notes, so I can get them back here." Dave looked around in Simon's Mini Bookshelf he had there. "Nope, no this one, no, that one's for DNA Modification, Here it is!" Dave pulled a booklet down that was labeled: 'Time-Warp Machine' Dave began too look through it. And was even more confused by the language that Simon, Jeanette and James used in that book.

Meanwhile A Wormhole opened over the Matterhorn, throwing Alvin and Brittany out of it. Alvin (just in time) had grabbed a rock on the ledge of the mountain with one hand, and Brittany's Arm with the other. (Brittany had fainted when they had fallen out of the wormhole.) Alvin got Brittany up the ledge, then pulled himself up. Brittany woke up when Alvin had finally gotten her up the ledge. "A-A-Alvin? Y-You saved me?" She asked. 'Y-yea... I-I did..." Alvin replied blushing while pulling himself up. "B-But why?" Brittany asked. "Because... Because..." Alvin was trying to come up with something else other than that he loved her, but couldn't think of any thing else. Brittany noticed that, and began blushing also. As Alvin was trying to think of something else suddenly a dog appeared out of the snow and jumped on him,licking his face. "A Dog?" Brittany looked sort of confused. Alvin got the dog off of him and it ran off, with Alvin and Brittany following it.

James and his Chipettes fell out of the sky into the back off an Orphanage. A Kangaroo hopped over when the Baby Chipmunks had it stop. "Are you ok?" One little female chipmunk asked. "Oh.... yea... maybe..." Brit replied. The three chipettes got off James and James got up. "Well, that could have been a lot better... Jeanette, what happened?" James said. "Maybe, the Time-Warp Machine had another overload or something." Jeanette replied. "You're name is Jeanette too?" One of the little chipmunks replied, "That's so cool, because that's my name too!" "Umm, then are you two girls Brittany and Eleanor?" James asked "Yea, we are, but how did you know that?" Baby-Brittany replied. "We know you in the future. and we are you girls from another Universe." Elie replied. "Ok.. that's weird..." Baby-Eleanor said. "Girls! where are you?" Olivia shouted. "Over here! and we have friends!" Baby-Jeanette shouted back. Olivia walked over and saw James and his Chipettes. "Mind if we come in?" James asked. "Actually, it might be better for you to get in through the Window there, do you think you can manage?" Olivia replied. "Yep, just fine." James replied.

A Wormhole spat Theodore and Eleanor out on an Island, which just so happened to be the same Island that they were stranded on before. "Where are we?" Theodore asked after waking up and rubbing his head. "I-I don't know" was Eleanor's only response, "But I think we should probably search the Island." "Whatever you do, Don't search the Island! There's a monster on the Other side!" A Voice shouted from the other side of a bush. Then Alvin jumped out from the bush. "Alvin!?!" They both replied, confused. "Theodore? Eleanor? But where'nt you back at the Camp?" Alvin replied. "Oh, I get it!" Theodore replied. "You're from the past, Elie, remember that time when we where all stranded on an Island and Alvin convinced Brittany that there was a Monster on the other side of the Island?" "Oh yea." "Wait, are you saying that you're from the future or something?" Alvin asked both of them. "Yea." Eleanor replied. "Ok, that's weird... well why don't you guys come over to the camp with me?" Alvin replied. "Sure." Eleanor replied and they walked off.

Simon and Jeanette woke up in a Mansion. And Brittany (aged like 10 years) walked into the room. "You two are awake! Thank Goodness! We haven't seen you for 10 years!" She told them. "t-t-t-TEN YEARS!?!?" Jeanette replied. "Yea, we knew you would arrive eventually. but-" "What happened? Where's Alvin, Theodore, Eleanor, James and the others?" Simon interrupted "-Um.. yea.. Eleanor devoted to find out how to get you back, Alvin Became a Duet Singer with Me, and Theodore, well, never did get over your disappearance, and ended up becoming part of a gang. James and his kids found a way to get back to their own Universe and left, we haven't herd from them scene, They also didn't get over your disappearance for a long time." She replied. "So the Chipmunks came back?" Jeanette asked. "Yep, they all left about 5 years ago." Brittany replied. "I'm Back from the stor-" "Alvin, Honey look who came back!" She shouted. Alvin walked into the room where everyone else was. When he saw Simon and Jeanette, his eyes brightened and he ran over and hugged them so hard. "I-I can't believe your Back! and you don't even look like you've aged a day!" He told them before began to cry for joy. "It's been so long, I have to call everyone and tell them this!" Alvin ran off into another room and called Dave, Eleanor, and Theodore and told them the good news.

Meanwhile, Dave had found the Directions on how to get everyone back. "So now I type that in, and this in, and then press the Red Button to return everyone back, Ok..." After completing the process he pressed the Red Button, Nothing happened. "What did I do wrong now?" He looked through the book and found what was wrong. "Oh, I need to Deactivate the Safety Switch first, now It makes some more scene... After turning the switch off, He pressed it again. This time a Wormhole opened and was trying to force something to come out, Dave was just hoping it was his kids and James.

Meanwhile, Alvin and Brittany continued to follow the dog to a Chipmunk that looked like Alvin. "Who are you?" Brittany asked. "I am Melvin, Leader of the Anti-Chipmunks, and this is Seymour, and Theao." Melvin replied. "And I am Whitney!" Whitney shouted. "and these are my Sisters, Joelle and Eloise." "What do you want with us?" Alvin asked. "We need you and your Brothers, and Brittany and her sisters." Melvin declared. Whitney began to smile with an Evil Crooked smile. "And we have an easy way to do it," She said "Joelle?" Joelle stepped forward and pulled a Gun out of her pocket and shot Brittany in the arm with it, But instead of a Bullet and blood, it was a wire, and Brittany's Arm started to turn gray, and whatever turned gray stopped moving. "W-What are you doing?" Brittany asked frantically. "It's an Invention of mine called the 'Time Stop Gun', it freezes people in time, So I'm literally sucking the Time out of you." Joelle replied with an Evil Smirk on her face. "Stop it now!" Alvin demanded. "How about No." Joelle replied as she grabbed a duplicate gun from her pocket and Shot Alvin with it. Brittany couldn't move her entire right body by now. "A-Alvin! leave h-him a-alone!" She shouted. "You're in no position to be giving commands!" Whitney replied. Brittany's Shirt which was sort of blowing in the wind was frozen now mid-motion meanwhile Alvin was half-way frozen. "Br-Brittany, I just want to tell you that I-I l-love you..." Alvin told Brittany "I-I know, and I lov-" Brittany totally froze over, and looked completely Gray. "Brittany!" Alvin Shouted before he froze completely also. "Well Isn't that touching?" Melvin said sarcastically "Seymour, Theao grab them." "Yes sir." They both replied. But before they could grab them a Wormhole Opened an sucked both the Frozen Alvin and Brittany inside and closed before Seymour and Theao could grab them. "Uhhh, wher'd 'dey go?" Seymour asked. "Shut up Seymour." was all that Melvin said. And he was very angry that the Plan had failed.

James and the Chipettes where trying to find the Babyettes. "Brittany, where are you?" James said while looking around trying to find her. Brit jumped up with Jeanette and Herman "Jeanette, put Herman down, it's time for bed!" Olivia told Jeanette. "Ok Olivia." Jeanette replied and set Herman down and ran towards the bed made for them. Eleanor was running around with Elie trying to catch her. "Eleanor, *huff* it's time for bed *Huff*" she said. Elie chased Eleanor into Olivia's Hands, and Olivia put her into the Bed with Jeanette while Jen was looking around trying to find her glasses which Brittany took as a joke, She herd her singing in a Jewelry Box, Which she opened up and got her glasses back. "I've got Brittany!" She shouted. Jen put Brittany in the Bed also. Olivia then tucked them away to Bed. "Thanks for all your help" Olivia told James and his Chipettes. "No Problem" he replied. "Now we just have to find out where you will sleep for tonight" She told him. Right then a Wormhole opened, "Actually, that's our ride back to the future." James replied. "Are you sure you have to go?" She asked. "Yep, we have to take care of them in the future," James shouted "Maybe we will see you in the future. Bye!" "Bye..." she replied as James and his Chipettes Walked into the wormhole and it disappeared.

Theodore and Eleanor explained the whole 'Stranded on an Island' story as they remembered it from the future to Simon, Jeanette, Theodore and Eleanor. They where very intrigued and agreed to search the Island, But as usual Alvin and Brittany refused to come because of the 'Monster' So the rest left to search the Island, They walked through the Jungle for 20 Minutes. "I'm Hungry." Theodore said. "I know Theodore, you'll just have to wait until we reach the resort." Eleanor replied. But Theodore was becoming inpatient and then they herd the water coming down and Everyone fell down the Waterfall but the Time-displaced Chipmunks fell into another Wormhole. When Everyone else landed, Simon asked "What happened to the other 2?" But no one knew, so everyone forgot about it.

Simon and Jeanette had spent an Hour greeting, hugging, watching others cry, explaining, and contemplating what happened, but no one knew. "Maybe the Quarantines were set wrong?" Eleanor suggested. "Impossible, Both I and James checked them to make sure that they were correct." Simon replied. "Maybe it was a Coincidence?" Alvin suggested. "No, The Quarantines were deliberately changed, that much we know." Jeanette replied. "I'm just glad your both ok." Dave replied. Theodore was extremely quiet for the entire time, upset at what happened. then suddenly another Wormhole opened, and Simon and Jeanette were gone. Now he was even more sad and confused, but then everyone noticed that Everything started to fade away. "What's Happening?" Theodore asked suddenly "History is changing, this future no longer exists because they returned to their Original time." Eleanor replied. Before a Time-storm swept everything away.

Dave saw everyone come back into the present, James and his Chipettes & Chipmunks. The Time-Frozen Alvin & Brittany, Simon and Jeanette, and lastly Theodore and Eleanor, then the Wormhole closed. "You guys are all back, and alright!" Dave shouted while hugging Theodore and Simon. Then Everyone noticed Alvin and Brittany, not moving and totally gray. "What happened to them?" Eleanor asked. "Hmmm..." James said while looking at them, "I believe that they have been Frozen in time." he said after evaluating them. "How can that be?" Theodore asked. "Only someone could create something that could do this. And only Alvin & Brittany know who." James replied. "Sooo, can you Unfreeze them?" Eleanor asked. "Of Course, we can Unfreeze them." Jeanette replied. "Yea, we just do this..." Simon replied. Simon pressed a couple buttons on the Keyboard and then the 6 Extension Adapters (Or Glowing Sticks) Pointed at Alvin and Brittany and they began to Change into their Original Colors again. After about a Minute the process completed and the Time-Warp Machine Shut down. "What happened?" Alvin asked. "We were about to ask you what happened." James replied. "I-I-I don't remember... do you Brittany?" Alvin replied. "No..." she replied. confused. "You don't remember who froze you two?" Jeanette replied. Both Alvin and Brittany shook their heads. "Well, it's dinner time, so let's eat, we can find out how that happened later," Dave replied. "Ok everyone?" "Ok." was everyone's reply.

[End of Part 8]

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