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Alvin and Brittany were upstairs arguing... again... "I Bet I could beat you in Mario Bros.!" Alvin shouted. "In your dreams! I've won every time I've played against my Sisters AND your brothers!" Brittany replied shouted just as loud as Alvin. "Why would anyone want to play Mario Bros.?" Al asked to Theodore. "Because, it's one of the newest games around." "Newest? That game came out in like the 1980's!" "It is the 1980's, remember?" "Oh, right." James, Simon and Jeanette were sitting on the couch, watching Alvin and Brittany argue. "Has it always been this bad?" James asked the Chipmunk and Chipette. "Actually, this is pretty light, comparing to last year." Simon replied. "What happened last year?" James asked eagerly. "They dragged us along on a Hot-air Balloon race delivering Dolls which we found out had Diamonds in them across the world, because they started fighting." Jeanette replied. "Sounds like fun, maybe I should that sometime." James said sarcastically. "I was just wondering, but how did you kids meet?" "We could actually show you with the Time Machine." Simon replied. They were all relived to leave the room and go downstairs where no one could hear them arguing.

[About an Hour Later.] "I think it's ready!" Simon shouted. "Right, I'll get the others." James replied. "And I'll get some Popcorn!" Jeanette replied to both of them. James and Jeanette ran upstairs. "Hey Kids! If you wanna see how the Chipmunks and Chipettes got together come on downstairs!" James shouted. "Awesome! I wanna see!" Al said. everyone ran downstairs. "Alright. scence everyone except Dave and Miss Miller are here, lets start." Simon press the button to activate a Time Window so they could watch, but a Wormhole Vortex opened instead, and began to suck everyone in. "Everyone grab something!" James shouted. But it was too late, Everyone else (including James was sucked into the Wormhole, then it closed.

Simon and Jeanette were fighting over a pillow that had ended up in the middle of the room they shared when a spheroid appeared in front of them. then exploded sending Chipmunks and Chipettes everywhere. Simon had landed in the luggage brought by both groups, Alvin went right out the front door, then a cleaning wagon, down the stairs, and landed upside down at the bottom of the stairs by the elevator. Theodore accidentally landed in the Oatmeal, then into the wall next to the stove. Brittany, dropped on the bed, with the [Movie] Chipmunks, Eleanor went flying into the bathroom and the door slammed shut when she hit the wall, then everyone herd water splash. Jen and Elie landed on the table, Jeanette flew right through the pillow, breaking the pillow that Simon and Jeanette were fighting over, then hit the wall, James landed on the floor, and Brit was hanging from the Chandelier. Brittany's Immediate response to Eleanor flying into the bathroom was "Hey! I was going in there!" Theodore was excited to see oatmeal when he opened his eyes. "Yea! Yum, Oatmeal!" Theodore began eating the Oatmeal, when the old Eleanor pulled they pan off his head. "That wasn't exactly for you." she told him. "Sorry, I just get really hungry when I first land in other places. Eleanor opened the Bathroom door soaked. "Now I know why we got new showers and sinks." she said sounding quite upset."That could off felt better." James exclaimed. "Where's Simon and Alvin?" "Simon poked his head out from all the suitcases. "I'm ... right ... here." He said sounding hurt. "I'm ok..." James got up and pulled Simon out from the now collapsed suitcases. Then the door swung open and Alvin walked in. "Don't worry, I'm all ok..." "At least I got a good landing, on the bed." Brittany said. "Not now Brittany." was James' only reply. "Can someone get me down from here now?" Brit shouted to the group. "I've got you!" James replied. then James activated one of his retractable Grappling Hooks. The Claw grabbed Brit by the waste and brought her down to James. James then set her down by Jen and Elie. "You ok Brit?" Jen asked. "Yes, now." she turned to James. "Thanks James!" No problem.

After everyone had a few minutes to recuperate, James asked "Where and when are we?" Simon was the first to respond, "This is when we first meet the Chipettes." The old Brittany asked, "Who's the Chipettes?" "You three girls, ... later." Simon replied. "Does this mean we lost the Sing-off?" the older Eleanor asked. "No, actually even though both Auditions were sabotaged you girls still won, It was the people that came to the show that were expecting us, so you girls went with a different name." Simon replied to Eleanor. Alvin looked over to Simon, "Why are you telling them this? Wouldn't that mess up history because we both know that we sabotaged each others auditions" Alvin asked Simon. "No. because, We had installed a device so when were time traveling we can't mess up the time stream." he replied. Alvin and Brittany Sighed. "Why didn't you tell us before?" Brittany asked quite irritated that she wasn't notified of this before. "We told you guys while we were explaining the Time Machine's updates, But some 2 persons were 'too busy' to come to our 'boring' meeting." James replied with major sarcasm. "he he... oops..." Alvin replied. "Anyway," The older Brittany said, "I have to get ready, I'm not preforming looking a mess!" and she walked into the Bathroom. "Hmm..." The older Alvin thought, "She won't preform looking a mess..." and then he ran off.

"When I said, 'I was excited to experience some of your past' I wasn't meaning this!" James said to Simon. "Yea, I would have been happy just watching, not re-living this event." he replied. "AAAHHHHHH! MY HAIR!!!" Simon, Jeanette and James looked over by the Bathroom. The older Brittany had Blueberry pie dripping from her hair, and the Old Alvin, Simon and Theodore were laughing at her. "Come on boys lets rehearse for our concert." Alvin told them. And all three Chipmunks left the room with there equipment, except their microphones. "I have to admit, It does somewhat look kind of funny." Jeanette told them. "Yes," James replied, "But that was cruel of Alvin to do that." James began to think. “Simon, you said that both of you guys rigged each others auditions, right?” “Right...” “So then, we could 'Unrig' them right?” “Yea! Then we could see how each of us really did!” Simon responded. “I like it!” Jeanette said. “Then lets do it.” James replied.

[Later the older Chipmunks came back in to see that Brittany's Hair didn't have any more Blueberry in it.] “You're Hair!” The old Alvin noted. “What do you want?” The old Brittany replied. “We came to tell you your audition is at 1'o clock.” The old Theodore replied. “Now Theodore, tell the truth! We're not afraid of losing the audition, your on at 3.” Alvin Replied to Theodore. “If only they knew better... That Alvin can be known for lying.” James noted. After the older Chipmunks left the room, James, Jeanette, Simon, and Eleanor walked over to the older Brittany. “Umm.. Brittany, can we talk to you?” Jeanette asked. “What is it?” The older Brittany asked curiously. “You're audition is actually at 1 not 3.” Eleanor replied. “But Alvin said that were on at 3!” she replied. “Yea, Alvin isn't known for his honesty... but Theodore is...” Simon replied. “Then where did they go?” Brittany asked confused. “Well... If I remember right, We dressed up like you girls and did you're audition in you're place, making you girls sound horrible.” Simon replied. “Then we got to get down their now!” Brittany replied. Then the Newer Alvin and Brittany walked in arguing. “Oh come on Alvin! You know that me, Jeanette, and Eleanor are much better than you and your brothers, and we could beat you in a Sing-off any day!” Brittany argued getting in Alvin's face, “Oh Yea? Well I'll bet you a Dollar that I the Chipmunks are better than you Chipettes any day!” Alvin retorted. “Well look who's back... Alvin, Brittany, have you seen Theodore?” James asked them. “He's downstairs eating the Complementary Breakfast.” Alvin replied. “As usual.” he replied. “Well we're going down to do our Audition before they can get the chance!” The older Brittany replied. Then the older Chipettes ran downstairs. “Great, while their busy, doing their audition, we can unrig the boys' microphones. Right, lets get on that.

Later, “Quick Jeanette! Grab the rigged Microphones!” The older Brittany shouted to the older Jeanette. “I've got them. Lets go!” she replied. The Older Chipettes ran downstairs with the Microphones. Meanwhile, The older Alvin was wondering, “How did Brittany find out that their Audition was at 1 and not 3?” Alvin thought to himself. “Alvin come on! Our Audition is about to start!” Simon shouted to Alvin. “right...” The Chipmunks walked out on stage “Here we are, The Real Chipmunks!” Alvin shouted. They began to sing, and they sang properly. Brittany was confused, “Jeanette, you did rig their Microphones right?” she asked her sister. “Yea... Maybe they aren't working or something.” she replied. After the Chipmunks finished The Manager got up, “I've made my decision.” Both the Chipmunks and Chipettes were listening intently as he continued, “My Choice is the Girls will preform tonight.” “But why?” Alvin asked. “Both of you are pretty much equal, my choice was made because the girls were here first.” he replied. “Now you girls better get ready for your concert.” “Yea! Our first American Concert!” all of them replied simultaneously.

James was watching the concert with his Chipmunks and Chipettes, wondering what would happen, The Girls walked on the stage only to be booed by the audience, So then Alvin and his brothers ran out and Alvin said: “We'd like to preform with our friends the...” then Brittany whispered into his ear “The Chipettes” So Alvin introduced the Girls as “The Chipettes.” and the concert began.

After the Concert, James and all the other Chipmunks and Chipettes congratulated them on an excellent concert. “You all were excellent.” James told them. “Thanks” The old Brittany replied. “Also, I think I know how we can return to our own time.” Simon announced. “How?” Alvin asked. “It's very simple. We just activate this beacon.” “Then lets do it! I want to go back home!” Brittany exclaimed. Simon pressed the button and activated the Beacon. Then a Wormhole appeared. Everyone said Good Bye to their older selves and walked through the Wormhole.

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