<--- Part 5

Both Simon and James ran right down into the basement to see what Jeanette and Eleanor where screaming about, and when they got there they were amazed. Both Jeanette and Eleanor were lying on the floor, in front of the Wormhole Generator, both out cold. "What happened?" Simon asked. "And why are they dressed so strangely?" "I don't know" James replied. "But we should get them over to Miss Miller's so they can recover." "Right..." There was a number flashing on the middle screen, but nether of them noticed it.

Later at Miss Millers* "I'm Home!" Brittany said expecting for someone to respond. But to her surprise, nothing. She walked upstairs wondering why no one said anything. Brittany walked over into her room, and she was even more amazed at what she saw. Both Jeanette and Eleanor in their beds, James and Simon talking to Miss Miller, and Brit, Jen, and Elie there listening to the conversation and trying to calm Miss Miller down. "What's going on here?" Brittany asked. Everyone looked over at Brittany, with some surprise. "Well, we don't know exactly." James replied. "We found Jeanette and Eleanor, out cold by the Time Machine, so we rushed them here." "Why didn't anyone get me?" Brittany asked sounding frustrated that no one notified her that her sisters were unconscious. "Well, I sent Alvin to go look for you ..." Simon replied when he was interrupted by Alvin busting through the door, out of breath. "I couldn't find..." then Alvin noticed that Brittany was there. "Brittany! there you are. Where were you?" "At the mall, shopping with some friends." before Alvin had a chance to reply, both Jeanette woke up.

"Where am I? What's going on...?" Jeanette asked. "We were hoping you two could tell us. And why are you two dressed like you're going to a Renaissance Fair?" James asked Jeanette. "What's a Renaissance Fair?" Jeanette replied. Now Eleanor had woken up also. "Eleanor, are you OK?" Jeanette asked her. "Yea, maybe. What happened to us?" Eleanor replied. "Jeanette, don't you remember what happened?" Simon asked, looking at Jeanette. "Who are you?" Jeanette replied. Simon was astonished. "Jeanette, don't you remember me? me, Simon you're friend?" Simon said desperately hoping that Jeanette was trying to play a trick on him. "No. I don't know who you are, Eleanor, how you seen or herd of him before?" Simon jaw dropped as low as it could go. He couldn't believe that Jeanette didn't even know who he was. "Nope, never seen him before, Jeanette." Eleanor replied. James turned over to Miss Miller, "I think they have amnesia." he told her. "AMNESIA!!!!" Miss Miller replied dreading the thought. "If they have amnesia, then my sisters won't even notice me?" Brittany asked. "I don't think so." James replied. Just then Theodore ran up the stairs and told James "Come quickly! Somethings up with the Time Machine!" "Right, come on Simon." Simon after pulling himself together agreed to come with.

Back downstairs with the Time Machine* It was flashing in big, bold, red letters, WARP 2.347.509. "What is it? An error message?" Alvin asked the geek squad. "No, It's... Warp Quardenants!" Si replied. "Then maybe an error happened that activated the Time Machine and swapped our Jeanette and Eleanor and these two." Simon suggested. "I think you might be right." "CINDERELLA! fetch me a snack!" Eleanor yelled. No one did anything. she walked over to Brittany. "I told you to get me a snack!" She shouted again. "Get it yourself." Brittany replied. That only made Eleanor more furious. "I TOLD YOU TO DO IT! SO DO IT NOW!" Eleanor screamed which made the entire house shake. Now Brittany was getting mad. "I told you to GET IT YOURSELF!! YOU"RE THE COOKING GENIUS AROUND HERE!" Brittany screamed almost louder than Eleanor did. "CINDERELLA! Get me a drink!" Jeanette shouted. Brittany turned over and faced Jeanette and gave her a very angry look. "First, My name is not 'Cinderella' my name is BRITTANY! and GET IT YOURSELF!!" Brittany shouted. "YOU STILL DID"NT GET ME A SNACK!!" Eleanor shouted, now all three girls were arguing with each other. "Girls, Girls, Calm down. and please stop shouting." James attempted to intervene. All three of girls turned and looked at him very angrily. "STAY OUT OF THIS!!!" All three shouted simultaneously. "Um-mm.... on the other hand, I'll just let you girls handle this yourselves..." James replied. The girls continued to argue. "And I thought Alvin and Brittany fighting was bad... this is worse." Simon replied. "Excellent!" "What did you find?" James replied, trying to ignore the bickering Chipettes behind him. "we can get access to that Universe!" Simon Replied. "I'll start the warping sequence." "It's Opening!" Jen shouted trying to get the arguing sisters to notice. They did. "I'M NOT GOING THROUGH THAT!" Jeanette shouted. Before anyone else could say anything all three of the '80's Chipmunks had dragged both of the displaced Chipettes through the warp. "Let's go Brittany. We've gotta find your Sisters." James told her. "...right... I can't wait to have my sisters back again." Brittany replied. And then they jumped through also.

[Cinderella Dimension] James and Brittany fell down in a pile of hay, Unconscious. A girl walked up, "These two are like the others, I'll take them inside." the girl said to herself. The Next Day, James woke up, "Are... Are we here?" he said. Brittany woke up just moments before. "Yep, were here. now, where is here." She replied. "You're in my room" A girl who sounded like Brittany said to them. "I'm Cinderella. who are you?" "I'm James, and that's Brittany. So your the 'Cinderella' they where talking about." "Who was?" Cinderella replied. "You're 'Wicked Step-Sisters' Jeanette and Eleanor" Brittany replied. "I did wonder what happened to them, they seemed different, like they were under a spell or something. They have been so nice lately." Just then Jeanette and Eleanor came up into the room. They immediately noticed their sister. "BRITTANY!" They both shouted excited to see their sister again. "Jeanette! Eleanor!" James replied. "What happened?" "Well, it went like this... A Wormhole opened which turned into a vortex, which sucked us in, and warped us here." Jeanette replied. "So that's what the screaming was about." James replied. "Yep." Eleanor replied. "So... when do we go back?" "When we find where The Chipmunks are." James said. "Too bad... I was just hoping I would finally not be so abused." Cinderella said quietly. "Don't worry," Eleanor replied trying to cheer her up. "I've read this story before, And soon you'll be with someone that truly appreciates you." Cinderella smiled. "Thanks, Eleanor." she replied.

The girls tried to sneak out of the house, but then they herd "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" they all turned around, and there was Miss Miller, not looking happy. "Were... uhhh... going to the market, Yea, we need more Onions and other things." Eleanor said almost sweating bullets. Miss Miller looked at her, "Ok. and make sure Cinderella carries everything back. And also we need more Hay for the animals." The abrasive Miss Miller replied to Eleanor. "Yes, Mam." she replied quickly, and everyone scurried out the door. On the way to the market, James asked Brittany, "Where did all of this come from?" "A Dream..." "Mind explaining?" "I guess... Back when we first moved in with Miss Miller, we were going to a dance with the Chipmunks, but Miss Miller wouldn't let me go shopping to pick out dresses with my sisters because I refused to do my chores ... I dosed off and dreamed this dream." "Well that explains a lot." Jeanette said, after hearing their conversation. They continued to walk down the path toward the town, when they saw a knight riding toward the castle.

"You're sure you know where we are?" Alvin asked Jeanette. "Are you doubting ME?" she angerly replied. "In a word, yes." Simon replied. "Halt!" A knight shouted from behind them. "Prince Alvin, you know you're not allowed outside the Castle without the King knowing." "Who are you?" Alvin asked the knight. "I am Sir Sye, and you're coming with me." The knight reached down from his horse to grab Alvin, but then Simon and Theodore stepped in the way. "You're not taking our Brother!" Simon told the knight. "Very Well, I shall take all of you!" Then Sir Sye grabbed all three Chipmunks (Jeanette and Eleanor had ran off) and he left for the castle. When Simon saw James and the Chipettes he shouted "Help! James! Brittany! Help!" James and the Chipettes then noticed that the knight had captured The Chipmunks. "Hey! Put them down!" James shouted to the knight while running in front of his horse. "Stand down cevillian. The prince and these munknappers are coming with me." The Knight replied. "Over my dead body! And there is no prince with you, there our friends!" Brittany Intervened. "If you are with them, then you will join them!" and then the knight grabbed Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor and rode off to the castle as fast as he could. "What are we going to do?" Cinderella asked. "I don't know Cinderella, I don't know." was the only reply he could give.

When they returned they found that the 'Wicked Step Sisters' had already returned. And being as irritating as usual. James went upstairs to Cinderella's room to think in quiet. And Cinderella was crying in the Kitchen. James got an idea when he herd a knock at their outside door, and herd about the ball. Later, while Cinderella was ironing her step-sister's dresses in her room he explained his plan. "During the ball, I can sneak in and rescue our friends." "I hope so..." she replied. "I just hope I can go to the ball with my step-sisters." "Why don't I help?" "Great! I just might be able to go then!" So after all the chores were done and Cinderella was ready to go, she ran out to go with them, but her Wicked Step-mother grabbed the cloth covering a mud pit just when she stepped on it, and they left. "Well, that wasn't very nice." James thought to himself. He ran over to unlock the door for her so she could get in. After Cinderella came back in, and began to wash the windows, James said: "How am I going to get to the castle now? ... I'm thirsty, I'll be right back." When James came back he saw two chipmunks that looked like Simon and Theodore dressed strangely. "Who are you?" he asked them. "I'm Simon, Cinderella's Fairy Godmunk, and this is my assistant, Theodore." Simon replied. "Hi" Theodore said. "...ok... well can you warp to the Castle by my friends so I can save them?" James asked. "I'm Cinderella's Fairy Godmunk not you'res!" Simon retorted irritated that he would even ask such a thing. "Yea, where I come from, we don't have 'Fairy Godmunks' but I need to help my friends." James replied to him. "Like I said, I can not grant your wish because I'm Cinderella's Fairy Godmunk." Simon replied. "Ok then, Cinderella, will you ask?" "Sure," Cinderella replied, she turned to the Godmunk, "Can you warp my friend to the castle so he can save our friends?" "You're wish is my command..." then Simon whisked his wand around James and he disappeared.

James, after appearing at the party, was able to make his way to Prince Alvin before he went on to preform. "Are you the one named Prince Alvin?" James asked. "Yes, I am Prince Alvin." "Hi, I'm James, and my friends were captured because one of your Knights believed that they were trying to kidnap you." "Do you mean my Bodyguard, Sir Sye?" "Yes! I think." "Oh, sorry about the mix-up, My Bodyguard takes his job to seriously, We've had dozens of people locked up, because someone like me was seen with them. I can let your friends go after the party." "Thank you your highness." "No Problem, now on to my performance and to find the girl of my dreams!" Later after the party they let the Chipmunks and Chipettes go and Both the King and Prince Alvin apologized again for the mix-up. "If there's anything we can do to help, just let us know." Prince Alvin told them. "Nothing right now." James replied. while Simon and Jeanette were covering Brittany and Alvin's mouths so they couldn't say anything to change it. "Bye!" They all said. The next day, "So how do we get back?" Eleanor asked. "Good Question." James replied. "I forgot about that. How do we get back?" "well...." Simon thought, If we could get a Ruby, an Emerald and some scrap metal we could make a Wormhole link, and then your Chipmunks and Chipettes could hopefully connect the wormhole with our Generator." "Great! We could ask Prince Alvin for those!" Jeanette replied excitedly. Everyone ran downstairs just in time to hear Miss Miller refuse to let Cinderella to get married to Prince Alvin. "Wait, why can't Prince Alvin marry her?" James asked, "Well... because .... I-I don't want her to!" Miss Miller replied. "I say let her be truly happy with someone else!" Eleanor replied. "Well... Well..." Miss Miller couldn't think of anything to respond to that. "Then it's settled! I'll marry her this afternoon!" Prince Alvin declared. "Also, can we have a Ruby, an Emerald, and some Metal Prince Alvin?" James asked him. "Well I do owe you a favor now don't I, sure, here." He sent the Palace Messenger and he got them immediately. "I always keep some with me." The Prince told them. "Awesome!" they all replied.

After about 2 hours had passed, they had finished their Wormhole tracker. "I'll start it up." James said. And he activated it. Over in the Main '80's Universe Brit, Jen, and Si saw that a Wormhole stabilizer Beacon was activated, "I think that means we should open a Wormhole to that point." Si told Jen. "Yea, lets do it." she replied. So they activated the Time-Warp Machine. and watched as the Wormhole connected to that point, Meanwhile in the Cinderella Dimension they saw a Wormhole open, "Now everyone say you're good-byes and we don't have time for soft mushy ones either." James told them. "Bye and thanks for showing me how it's like to have real friends!" Cinderella told them. "Good-bye and good ridends!" Step-Eleanor said. "Yea!" Step-Jeanette retorted. "Bye!" Each of the Chipmunks and Chipettes shouted to each of them. and they went through the warp back home. When they got back Al said to Si, "That Universe reminds me of a song we sang before." "Which one? and also that was'nt another Universe, that was an alternate Dimention of this Universe." Si replied. "Whatever, but that song is Livin' on a Prayer." "Yea, It sorta fits." Si replied.

[End of Part 6]

Part 7 --->

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