<--- Part 4

"James, Simon, Jeanette, Jen, and Si have been working the Time Machine for almost 2 whole days now!" Brittany exclaimed. "How long does it take to 'modify' a Time Machine?" "It's probably more work than you think." Elie replied. "Well, why does it take so long?" Brittany irritatedly replied. "Why do you care Brittany? And scene when have you been suddenly so interested in them lately?" Alvin said. Brittany gave Alvin an angry look. "I don't need to explain myself to you Alvin!" she shouted. Alvin was about to reply when Simon opened the door to his downstairs laboratory. "Is it done Simon?" Alvin asked. "Well mostly, we want you guys to be there when we test it." Simon replied. "Also bring an apple" James shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "I'll get the apple!" Eleanor quickly replied. She then jumped up to get an apple.

Simon lead the rest of the Chipmunks and Chipettes down the stairs and then they saw the strangest contraption they all had ever seen. Three Monitors were hooked up to a box with three keyboards and a huge Hexagon next to the Box, James, and Jeanette were at the keyboards. "Were's Si and Jen?" Elie asked. "There checking the wiring. They did all the wiring we couldn't get to." James replied. "What's with the huge upside down ring over there?" Brittany asked. "It's not a ring, the shape is a Hexagon! It's how we can open the Wormholes to where we want to go." Simon replied. "Anyway you guys were going to show us a test?" Brit asked. "Yes" James replied. "For this test we will see how the wormhole works. Eleanor can you stand over by the Wormhole Generator?" "Sure." "Now when I give the signal throw the apple through the Hexagon." "What's going to happen?" Elie asked. "Well if everything goes right," James replied. "The apple will basically warp 5 Minutes into the future." "How do you know?" Alvin asked. "You wouldn't understand, Alvin." Simon replied.

Simon, Jeanette and James had begun to activate their Improved Time Machine. Dozens of Items appeared on the three screens that no one except for Simon, Jeanette, and James understood. "Activating Time-jump Sequence. Destination Set. Quarantines set at: 1.294.140 Dimension 2.0." James said. "Security Codes set, Power Level set, Activation Codes set." Jeanette replied. "Wormhole type set: Gate. Wormhole creating." Simon said. Over in the Hexagon 6 Small glowing sticks (that's what Alvin calls them) came out of the Hexagon. Then A Beam of light began to connect each of 'glowing sticks' until they had fully connected with each other. Then a portal began to open, The portal enlarged to the point that the edges of the portal connected with the beams of light. "Wormhole is open and stable." Simon shouted. "Eleanor, throw the apple through into the Wormhole now." James said to Eleanor. Eleanor Acknowledged and through the apple into the Wormhole. After the apple went into the wormhole it closed. "So now what?" Brittany asked. "We wait for 5 Minutes." James replied.

[5 Minutes later]

The Wormhole opened up on the ceiling right over Eleanor, and the apple dropped right down into her hand. "Cool!" She replied. "Awesome!" Alvin said. And then a little claw grabbed the apple in Eleanor's hand and before she knew it. James had the apple. "H-How did you do that?" Eleanor asked "Electronic retractable Grappling Hooks." James replied. "But where are they now?" Brittany asked. "Right here" James pointed on the side of his arm. The '80's Chipmunks and Chipettes looked closely then Simon said "The Bump there that's not skin that's the retraction devise!" "Right!" James replied. "I made them so if I ever needed to break into my house, I keep a Window open near the top of my house. No one can even see that the window's open." "Cool" all of the '80's Chipmunks replied.

Everyone came upstairs amazed at what they just saw, when James remembered that his Chipettes and him were supposed to be practicing. "Girls, we got to go, Singing Practice." "Oh yea... right lets go girls!" Brit replied. Then, James and his Chipettes left for the school. Brittany began to leave after them, "Were are you going?" Eleanor asked. Brittany turned around to see an Upset Eleanor looking right at her, and Jeanette was there with her. "umm....Out to take a walk." Brittany replied "No you aren't you're going to go spy on them!" Eleanor replied. "Yea, you never take walks." Jeanette exclaimed. "I-I meant riding my skates..." Brittany said trying to get away before they could figure out what she was doing. "Admit it Brittany! You're going to spy on them and watch how they sing!" Eleanor replied. "I-I am not! I'm leaving!" and then Brittany stomped out the door. When she thought she was sure that her sisters were not looking, she ran off toward the school.

James and the Chipettes were practicing Hot N' Cold when Brittany got there. She was watching quietly when someone tapped her on the shoulder, she almost screamed but she covered her mouth before anyone herd. "I knew you were coming here!" Eleanor whispered. "H-How did you know I was here?" Brittany whispered back. "We know you too well, Brittany" Jeanette replied in a whisper. "Anyway lets listen in" Brittany said quietly. "Ok...." Both Jeanette and Eleanor replied. They began to listen in, and what they herd was almost amazing. The Chipettes were singing The Song, that they were featuring Queensbury with, but they seemed unable to sing the song properly with someone else singing. "Alright, Stop. Brit you started too early... Jen you where off key, and Elie you came in too late," James exclaimed. "What's going on first No One now this one too?" "It's just that we can't sing The Song without someone else. I know when to start when she finished." Brittany replied. James sighed. "I know, but we need to work on all of our songs, not just some of them." James replied. "I-I think we should help them..." Brittany said to her sisters. "Brittany?" Both Jeanette and Eleanor replied surprised that she would say that. "They really need help. we should see what we can do." Brittany said. "I agree, we should help them." Jeanette declared. "Yea, I think we should too." Eleanor said. All three Chipettes came out of their hiding place and came over to the stage. "Umm.. James?" Brittany asked. "You girls? I thought you were still at home." James replied. "Well.... we wanted to hear how you girls sounded." Brittany said. "We-we want to help you... We can sing the part you girls need so you can practice the song." "That's great!" James exclaimed. "Brit, Jen, Ellie that ok with you?" The small female chipmunks huddled together, and then Brit came forward. "It's all good with us, they can help us practice our song." Brit replied."Then it's settled" James replied. Then James walked over to his backpack and pulled out scripts for 2 songs and gave copies to each of the '80's Chipettes. "These 2 songs are songs that we do with others, and they can't sing properly without someone else singing it." James said to the girls. James smiled at his girls. "Well that's all for practice today!" "Really?" Brittany replied in amazement. "Yep." James replied "Where done for today. lets go back home, but first, Who wants Ice Cream?" "We do!" all of the girls replied. "Alright, lets go get the boys and I'll treat you all to some Ice Cream." All the girls agreed.

Later, Jeanette was working a little on the Time Machine, and Eleanor came downstairs. "Where's Simon?" Eleanor asked. "Upstairs, he went to get something to eat." Jeanette replied. "Ok. so what are you doing?" Eleanor responded. "Trying to see if the Quantum Matrix within the Time-space Syndicate can have the capability to warp into other Universes by initiating Simon's theory of Universal-Wormhole travel 2.76." Jeanette replied not even looking away from her work. "So what does that mean in English?" Eleanor said confused. Jeanette sighed and turned toward Eleanor and said "Basically, can we warp to other Universes with this Machine." "Oh, so we can try to get James and his kids back to there Universe?" Eleanor replied. "Yep." Then suddenly a Wormhole Vortex opened. Jeanette and Eleanor looked at it shocked because no one was at the controls, then before they knew it they were sucked into the Vortex, both of them began to scream as the vortex closed.

[End of Part 5]

Part 6 --->

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