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NOTE: I am trying a New writing style let me know which you like better. - The Chipette Protector.

Theao walked into the Laboratory and saw it not in the best of shapes. He saw Jeanette's Evil Counterpart clearing out some rubble. He walked up to her and said, “Joelle, What was that noise?” “A bad experiment, what else?” Joelle replied. “Melvin wants to know exactly.” He replied. She frowned and groaned. “Fine, I was working on an experimental part of the Dark-Portal and it overloaded, OK?” She replied angerly, she didn't like it that Melvin always wanted to know every little problem there ever was with her 'experiments' “Very Well, Is it still functional?” Theao asked. “Not right now. Give me about 2 hours WITHOUT Interruptions and maybe.” She replied quite steamed. “If your going to stay around here help clean up! And for My sake DONT MESS WITH ANY OF MY EXPERIMENTS!” She shouted. Simon's Dark Counterpart walked in, “I'll a-guess I'll a help on out too.” In his stupid southern accent. “Not you, Seymour.” Joelle replied. “I'll let Melvin know.” Theao said. “Please do before Seymour causes another explosion.” Joelle replied. Theao left the room and went to tell Melvin what he had found out.

['80's Universe]

James wakes up a forest area "....well that hurt... badly... what happened and how did I get here? ...where is 'Here'?" James said. James stand up "A-a forest?" James looked around and notices the Chipettes are gone. "What happened to The Chipettes? I've gotta find the them before they get hurt!" James starts to look around and call for the Chipettes, for a little while, after looking for about 15 Minutes Jeanette notices James and goes over by him. "...ow... what happened?" Jeanette asked. "I don't know, but we apparently warped or something like that..." James replied. James and Jeanette begin looking around some more and calling for Brittany and Eleanor. Then they herd Eleanor's voice coming from up ahead. Eleanor runs over to them excited to see them alright. "James! Jeanette! I've been looking all over for you guys! What Happened?" "Ellie, your Ok! and we don't know what happened right now, other than that we warped. have you seen Brit?" James asked. "No, I hoped she was with you guys. But while I was looking around, I found out that theirs a school nearby." "Good, After we find Brit, we can try to contact Dave." James said. "Why don't you use your iPhone?" Jeanette asked. "When I woke up, it was broken." James replied. "Oh.... Darn..." Jeanette sounded sad.

After looking around a bit more, Jeanette remembered that the boys ended up in the sphere also. "Hey didn't the boys also end up the sphere also?" Jeanette asked, almost hoping she was wrong. James thought for a moment. "Yea, you're right Jeanette! We've got to find the boys!" James exclaimed. "ALVIN ....SIMON ....THEO ....BRITTANY.....ANYONE?????" No response from anyone. Elie sat extremely sad and said "Poor Theo, he must be cold, sad hungry, and maybe even alone." "We will find them Elie, we promise."James said. "Hey look there's Brittany!" Jen and Elie looked over and saw Brittany out cold, on top of a rock, strangely shaped like a Lightning bolt, and it was glowing... and Brittany's left leg looked broken. Jeanette and Eleanor run over to Brittany. Jeanette was looking at her leg. and Elie was waking Brittany up. "Wake up Brit, come on wake up" Elie said trying to wake her up. James finally got their when Brittany woke up. When she woke up she seemed to be in a lot of pain."Ow..Ow..Ow.. ahhh..." Brittany said "Jean...ette....Ellie.... What....happened.... I ow... think that ...ow... I twisted my leg when I landed.... ow..." "Landed?" James asked. "We landed?" "Well that would explain why your iPhone was broken." Jeanette said. "Yea..." James said. Brittany started to say what she remembered. "That sphere dropped us last night, from pretty high in the sky. We all fell into the trees.... all except me..... ow..... I landed right on the ground...."

Jeanette looked at Brit's Leg."Ok, Lets take care of that leg now before it gets any worse." "Don't worry Brit, we'll take care of you." Elie said. "I've got some toothpicks and rope we can use. here in my bag." James said while getting them out. "Great we can use that to keep her leg straight." Jeanette replied. Jeanette and Eleanor worked on straightening Brittany's leg out, and got her up, but Brittany couldn't walk. "Why don't I just carry you right now, until you can walk again? suggested James. "Sure.." Said Brittany.

After James picked Brittany up he notice the Lightning Shaped Rock under Brittany which was glowing but when James took Brit away from the stone it stopped glowing. "What's that?" James Asked. James picked up the lightning bolt shaped rock. "hmm.... Interesting.... Brittany what do you know about this?"James asked. "Nothing. when I landed on it, and it started glowing, it protected me from predators all night and kept me somewhat warm." Said Brittany "I'll keep it with us for now." James said while putting the rock in his backpack. "I wonder what it is?" Jeanette said. "I do to we can find out some more about it later," James replied "First we have to get a hold of Dave and get Brittany to a place where she can rest. Lets go." "Right." Jeanette and Eleanor replied.

They walk to the school, and see that a bunch of kids leaving the school. A Girl wearing a Pink outfit almost ran into James. Brittany dropped from his backpack, "Brit!" James Exclaimed. James turned around and caught the falling Chipette just before she hit the ground. Two other girls ran over to him, one was wearing a Green Dress, and ponytails in her hair. And the other one was wearing a dark blue shirt and a purple skirt, and Purple glasses. "Sorry about that, she can be like that when she's just excited" Said the girl with the Glasses. "You're sister, I'm guessing?" James asked. "Yep." said the girl with the Green dress. "So who are you girls?" James asked. "Oh, [laughs] silly us we forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Jeanette" The girl with the glasses said. "And I'm Eleanor" said the girl in the Green Dress. "...and that was Brittany." Jeanette said. "I'm James. and that's Interesting, because that's the name of my girls too." James said "Jen, Elie, mind introducing yourselves?"

Jeanette and Eleanor came over in front of James, before they were helping Brit get back to a comfortable position. "Hi I'm Eleanor" Elie said. "And I'm Jeanette." Jen said. "They are... very small... how old are they?" Jeanette asked. "All Three of us are about 15 years old." Elie said. "Three of you? But only you two are here." Eleanor said confused. "Brittany's over there. she's got a twisted maybe even broken leg" Jeanette replied. Jeanette and Eleanor look over on James' Backpack and saw another Chipmunk dressed in Pink, with a brace on her leg, which did look broken. "We need her, who else could the lead singer of our group?" Jen said. "Lead Singer of your Group? what group?" Eleanor asked. "The Chipettes of course! We are known worldwide!" James said amazed that these girls actually didn't know who they where. "The Chipettes!?!" Jeanette and Eleanor Exclaimed. Now they were more confused then before. "Yea... anyway do you know how we can contact Dave Seville?" James said. "Why would you want to talk to Dave?" Eleanor asked. "Dave is the Chipettes caretaker. of course, so Dave is probably worried sick about them." James replied.

Jeanette and Eleanor where now even more confused than ever before. "Eleanor, I think we need to tell Brittany this." Jeanette said to Eleanor. "Right, I say we should take them over to our house and you should get the boys and we'll sort this all out." "right, I'll go get them." Jeanette ran off to get the Chipmunks. "Well you could come over to our house and we'll see what we can do for your little friend, ok?" Eleanor asked. "Sure, why not, lets go." James replied. And they left for the Chipettes home.

Over closer to The Chipettes home, The Chipmunks wake up. "What happened?" Alvin asked. "We were warped" Simon replied. "Where's the girls?" Alvin asked. "We'll have to find them" Simon replied. "Where's Theo?" "Probably looking for food, again" "Hey look this place looks similar to our old forest!" Theodore yelled. "Theo, were leaving now. we have to find the girls!" Simon shouted back. "Ok..." Theodore replied.

[End of Part 3]

Part 4 --->

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