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Brit was looking around in a Dark room. “Hello? Is anyone here?” She shouted out. Then all of a sudden the lights turned on revealing a huge room with a balcony with something similar to an Operating table with an '80's Chipette strapped to it. She noticed the Chipette immediately as Jeanette. “Jeanette!” Brit shouted to her. Jeanette opened her eyes slowly and replied, “Br-Brit?” Then Brit noticed a Chipmunk like Alvin walking behind it. “Alvin? D-Did you do this to Jeanette?” she shouted. She noticed a Darker presence from him the usual. He ignored her and motioned over to a control panel. Then Brit herd a large noise like a machine turning on, and then Jeanette looking like she was getting shocked very badly. “Jeanette!” she shouted. Then Jeanette fell unconscious. Then she Opened her eyes and her pupils were Dark Purple. Dark Alvin released her from the table and then commanded her to Capture Brit. She did so Immediately. When Jeanette had grabbed Brit by the tail she began to scream. Which woke her (and everyone else in the house) up.

“W-what is it Brit?” James said sleepily. “I-I just had the strangest and creepiest nightmare ever!” She replied. “What was it?” Eleanor replied. “Alvin shocked Jeanette into a Mindless Zombie and was about to do the same to me!” She replied. “M-m-m-m-me?” Jen replied. “No, this Universes Jeanette, and this Universe's Alvin too.” Dave walked up the stairs. “What's going on up here?” He asked. “Brit had a nightmare.” James replied. “A-are you ok Brit?” Dave asked. “Yea, I guess, just frightened.” She replied. “All right! Everyone try to get some sleep! Girls, we have practice tomorrow!” James replied. “Right....” everyone replied reluctantly. Brit was the last to go back to sleep, and that dream stayed vivid in her memory for a long time.

“Come on boys! We've got to go or we'll be late for the recording session!” Dave shouted up the stairs. “We're Coming Dave!” Alvin shouted from his room. James and his Chipettes walked in. “Where are you guys going?” James asked. “To a recording session for our new album with the Chipettes “The 'A' Files: Alien Songs” but we don't have anyone singing backup and we don't have anyone to Play the Aliens parts.” Dave replied. “We could do it for you.” James replied. “That would be great! How long til you and the girls will be ready?” He asked. “About 2 minutes.” James replied. “Great!” Dave replied. James and his Chipettes ran up to the attic and got ready. By the time they came back down Dave had finally gotten Alvin and his Brothers in the car. “Where off!” Dave shouted, and they drove off.

“Are you sure you can do this James?” Dave asked. “No worries, I only have a few lines and I was one of the best at Bible Verse Memory back when I was young.” He replied. “Ok.” Dave replied. Miss Miller and the Chipettes walked up. “What are you doing here James, I thought you guys where practicing?” Brittany asked. “We were, we finished a little while after you girls left, and Dave needed Back-up Singers and an Alien, so we volunteered.” “Is that so?” “Yep.” Brittany looked over to Jeanette and Eleanor, “Well,” She said, “Can your girls sing background for us? I would really help.” (“And then we get less recording times also” She thought) “That good with you girls?” James asked. Brit, Jen, and Elie huddled up and discussed it through. “Yep” Brit replied. “Ok. See you soon.” Brittany said as they walked away. “Bye” They all replied.

James used a Voice Synthesizer to modify his voice while sing or talking. But Lily, Theodore's dog, wanted to play with it while they were singing People Are Strange. Being picked up by the microphone “Lily, go by Dave.” James whispered to the dog. Lily continued to play with the cord. “Down, Down doggy! I really want to go home, really I do.” James sang in. Then he whispered to Lily “Go on go by Dave.” And they continued on with the recording. After the recording, “Sorry about Lily, I told Theodore to leave back at home but he didn't. And Lily got away from me during the recording.” Dave told James. “Don't worry about it. It seemed to fit right into the song.” James replied. Dave laughed a little. “Yea it did.” He replied. “Well I'm off to the Chipettes recording their song.” James told them. “Alright, be back soon!” Dave replied. James ran down to Studio 4 and entered. The girls were all ready to go. James began to look at the song. “Umm.. Brittany, I need to talk to you for a second.” James said. “No time! We've got to record now!” Brittany replied. They began to sing Venus at the end of the song Brittany was enraged that no one else told her that it was not about the Planet Venus but the Goddess. “I tried to warn you Brittany.” James replied. “No you didn't” She protested. “That was what I wanted to talk to you about.” James replied. “Oh...” Brittany replied. After a couple other songs it was close to time to go. “Hey James!” Al shouted. “What's up Al?” “Can we try that song that Dave wrote?” “Which one? Ho Ho Ho?” “Yea, and our '80's Counterparts can help out too.” “Sounds like an Idea.” Dave replied. So they recorded Ho Ho Ho and left.

“Sometimes I wish I could go skiing on the European Mountains” James said. “Maybe we can!” Brittany replied. “If your thinking what I think your thinking, No way.” James replied to her. “Oh come on, they won't even notice” Brittany replied and before James could reply she had run downstairs and typed in Quarantines by the time James and her sisters got down there. “Brittany! Don't activate it!” Jeanette shouted, but it was too late she had activated the Machine warping the 4 of them into another Dimension.

[End of Part 9]

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