<--- Part 1

In a Dark room, a figure looking like Alvin is standing looking out a window. He hears someone come into the room. He turns around to see Another figure like Theodore standing there. The figure bowed down a said, “Master Melvin, The Corruption Cells have been completed.” Melvin grinned. “Excellent Theao. Now we may begin our conquest of the Multi-Verse as soon as Whitney returns from Destroying Planet Torkulon.” Melvin replied. “There is one problem...” Theao mentioned. Melvin looked over at Theao in anger. “PROBLEM!?!? I TOLD YOU TOO MAKE SURE THIS IS PERFECT!!!!” He shouted. “She did the best she could, but there's a Barrier around the Chipmunk Prime Universe, that can only be pierced by having at least 2 more Chipmunks and Chipettes groups..” Theao replied stepping back a couple steps. Melvin looked away. “Find a way to get them then.” Melvin told him. An explosion came from the lab. “What Happened?” “I-I don't know sir.” Theao replied. “Go find out what that explosion was now!” “Y-y-yes sir.” Theao replied and walked out of the room. “Where can we get 2 groups of Chipmunks and Chipettes?”

Meanwhile back in the Millennial Universe, 4 months have passed and The Chipettes Carrier has really taken off, James has begun to sing back-up in some of their songs, and their finally getting their own Concert. They have just finished a practice run through the Concert. “So you're sure you girls will be back in time for the concert?” James asked. “Off Course we will James, we have 3 Days to get back, and we wouldn't miss this concert to help out our friends, The Chipettes.” Leo replied. “Ok then, it's just we want to make sure that everything goes perfectly for the Concert, Being the first Chipette Concert and Everything.” He replied to them. “Don't worry to much, Everything's going to be great.” Leo replied, then she looked down at her Watch. “Oh no! We're going to miss our flight if we don't leave now!” she told the others. “Right...” They all replied. “James, can you tell your Girls we said bye?” She asked turning to him. “Sure Leo.” James replied. “Ok. Bye!” Leo and the Queensbury girls ran out of the Staples Center to a Limo going to the Airport.

James ran over to the girls dressing rooms and knocked on the door. Inside, the Chipettes were discussing about Charice. “She didn't look so good today.” Eleanor said. “Yea, she looked like she was getting the flu or something.” “Yea, she did” Jeanette replied. They herd a knock on the door. “Come in.” Brittany shouted not even looking away from the Huge Mirror. She was fixing her hair in the Mirror. James opened the door and walked in. “Hey Girls, The Queensbury girls just left, they told me to say Good-bye to you for them.” He said. “They left already? I thought their flight was at 6.” Brittany replied turning away from the Mirror and jumping over to the table with a set of snacks and then she grabbed a small Chocolate and began to eat it. “Brittany, it's 5 o'clock. And they have to get through the Security Checkpoint, which takes almost an hour.” James replied. “Oh.” Brittany replied finishing off the Chocolate she was eating. “Anyway, Dave will be here soon then were all going out to a Restaurant.” “Great” Brittany replied. “I'm really hungry.” “I love restaurants!” Elie replied. “Are the boys coming too?” Jen asked. “Yep, Dave was picking them up when he called earlier.” James replied. Dave opened the door to their Dressing room and Alvin, Simon and Theodore rushed in, Dave following. “Is Everyone ready?” Dave asked. “I'm ready to go.” James replied. “Yea, I am ...” was Brittany's response but then a Bluish Sphere-oid Appeared around James and the Chipettes and they disappeared within it. “Brittany!” Alvin shouted. “Don't...!” Simon replied but it was too late Alvin had jumped in after Brit and had also disappeared. “Alvin!” Theodore began to jump but Simon grabbed his tail but Theo didn't notice until too late. He jumped in pulling Simon along with him. Then the Sphere-oid Disappeared. Dave just stood there stunned, when he finally got himself together he called Clare and told her what happened.

[End of Part 2]

Part 3 --->

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