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Brittany was still pouting because she had missed not only her cheerleading practice but also a game she was supposed to lead the other girls in the cheer. “How long is she going to be like that?” James asked. “Who knows, when she's like this, she will be angry for weeks.” Jeanette replied. “That's great.” Britt replied. “Brittany, Simon said he was sorry, that's about all he can do.” James told Brittany. “THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I'M SUPPOSED TO JUST LET IT SLIDE WHEN BECAUSE OF SIMON, I MISSED MY CHEERLEADING PRACTICE AND A GAME AS WELL!!!” “Brittany calm down. Simon couldn't of helped it. You cant hold him responsible for something he couldn't stop.” “IT'S STILL ALL HIS FAULT!” Brittany slammed her fist down on the Machine, activating it. “Brittany!” Alvin shouted, noticing a portal opening. “Not again-!” Brittany was pulled into the portal along with James, Jeanette, The Millennial Chipettes, and Alvin.

Chip Tracy had just nabbed Grumbles and was about to lock him up when a portal Opened and Alvin, Brittany, Jeanette, and James fell out. “Great Job Brittany!” Alvin replied angerly. “Don't Start Alvin!” Brittany replied angerly as well. “Lets not start your bickering again.” James said pulling Alvin away. “Alright...” He replied then he noticed Chip Tracy and the others. “Who are they?” Britt asked. “Let me think... Swell trenchcoat.... yellow fedora... Are u Dick Tracy?” James asked. “No.” The Chipmunk replied. “We made some movies in the past, This one is Chip Tracy.” Alvin replied. “So then that's Chip Tracy?” “Yep.” “Nice to meet you, Chip.” James said with a confident smile. “Yes, nice to meet you as well... What were your names again?” James noticed that he hadn't introduced himself yet and was now slightly embarrassed by that fact. “S-Sorry, My name is James Seville, and these are my friends.” “I'm Alvin.” “I'm Jeanette, pleased to meet you.” “And I'm Brittany.” “Don't forget about us!” Britt said. James looked down, “There you girls are! Good thing I found you, this is Chip Tracy.” “We noticed, I'm Britt, and that's Ellie.” “Hi.” “And I'm Jen.” “Nice to meet you. Now I'll take Grumbles downtown and then we can talk, alright?” Chip suggested. “Sounds good to me.” James replied.

[Later at the Burger Joint]

“So you're from another Dimension?” Chip asked. “Right” James replied. “And you're here why?” Kiddo asked. “Because Brittany (once again) accidentally warped us here.” James replied. “I said I was sorry okay?” Brittany replied irritated. James ignored her comment. “Well, maybe you could help us catch The Glove.” Chip suggested. James turned to his friends. “What do you guys think? Do you want to help them?” “I like the Idea!” Alvin said. “We're up to the challenge!” Britt replied, “Sure, why not?” Jeanette said. “I guess” Brittany replied. “Good then lets go!” Chip announced. The walked outside “Where are we going?” James inquired. “To the Hotel Blitz, I've herd that's where the Glove hangs out.” “So where is this Hotel Blitz?” “Kiddo, can u lead us?” “Sure.” They left heading out for the Hotel Blitz.

When they arrived, Kiddo mentioned that Breath-mint Baloney sings here. They walked in as she was singing. She was obviously quite attractive, scene all the guys (except for James, Chip, and Prunewhip) where 'dropping' because they were so much in with her. But she was attracted to one person in particular, Chip Tracy. “Hi there Handsome.” She said. “Sorry, but my lips are taken” Chip replied. “Don't give me that!... wait, Yellow fedora, swell trenchcoat... say you're Chip Tracy!” Once Prunewhip herd the name 'Chip Tracy' he tried to make a run for it. “Oh no you don't!” James shouted shooting out a grappling hook which tied up his legs, making him trip and fall. “I'm taking you in, then I'm closing this joint down.” “No, you can't! Where else could I wear this dress? If you leave this joint open I'll love you forever.” Baloney told Chip. “Hold the Mail Baloney, I'm not buying.” “Let's go before this gets any 'better'” James suggested. “I agree” Chip replied. And they took Prunewhip downtown.

“Who was that Chip?” Jeanette asked. “It was The Glove! They've kidnapped Bess!” “Who's Bess?” Jen asked. “My Girlfriend” he replied. “We better trace the call!” James suggested. “Good Idea, and I know just who can trace that call!”They went over to the Science Lab, and traced the call. “Let's Go to Jack Frost's Cold Storage and save Bess!” Chip announced. “Right.” Once they arrived, “You guys,watch the perimeter so no one escapes or gets in” James told them. “You can count on us!” Alvin replied. “Like I could count on a broken stopwatch” James thought. James and Tracy went inside and was just in time to save Bess, “Let's run for it!” Prunewhip shouted. “Halt!” Chip replied. “You're not going anywhere!” James replied. As Chip warmed up the Ice Cubes, James used his blades to cut through them, Grumbles and Flatfoot held on to the Ice cube as it slid right out the door into the lake. “There goes that problem.” James said, Meanwhile Tracy nabbed Prunewhip and borrowed his suit. “No Please give me my bag” Prunewhip begged. “Only if you tell me where I can find your Boss.” “The Hotel Blitz, In the penthouse, my bag!” he begged. “I get it back to you in a couple of hours.” And he ran off to sneak into The Glove's penthouse and stop her.

“Extra Extra Read all about it! Chip and Bess are captured by The Glove!” Kiddo shouted out. “Do you have a newspaper for everything?” Britt asked, “Just about” Kiddo replied. “Where are they?” James asked. “On the pier!” Kiddo replied. “Hold on tight, this may get bumpy!” James replied. He drove the police car down to the pier, “Extra, Extra, Chip and Bess about to meet their doom!” Kiddo shouted. “As if he couldn't report on some good news every now and then...” Brittany mumbled. “Kiddo, read the next headline!” Chip shouted out. “Kiddo saves the day, But how?” “Pull the next one!” “By pulling the leaver. Oh I get it!” He ran over and tried to pull the leaver down but he wasn't strong enough. “Let me help!” Alvin replied. They both pulled on the leaver, successfully stopping the bridge from closing. “You what I think we should do now?” Bess said dreamily. “Cut the ropes with out teeth” Chip replied. After cutting the rope, Bess landed on the Pier while Chip landed on a rescue raft, “There they are! I'm going in to stop a Root Beer hist at the pier, and I need backup, and make them my kind of cops! Hello, is this thing working? Great, I'm on my own, as usual.” Chip said. “No you're not, you have us!” Kiddo replied. “Then lets go!” He let the air out of the raft he was on so he could get up to the ship.

Then from the middle of nowhere, a blast popped the raft the Chip was on before he could get on the ship, when he expected to fall into the water, he didn't then he looked up, “Hey, Need some help?” It was James, he was using a Jetpack and was holding on to him. “Great!” James used his grappling hooks to stay with the boat. “We have to close the bridge so they can't escape!” Brittany declared. Bess and Kiddo ran over to the controls and attempted to close the bridge, but once again they were not strong enough. “I'll help out this time!” Brittany shouted she pushed the leaver and they closed the bridge right on the boat.

“Now for them!” James said, using his Grappling hooks he pulled Chip and himself onboard the boat, and began to engage the enemy. Flatfoot ran towards James when Chip throw a bottle of Root Beer at him, “Wha!” Flatfoot just barely kept himself from falling into the ocean “Now for the finishing touch!” James lunged at him Activating his Tonfa's with one swipe, Flatfoot fell out of the boat. “One down, Three to go”Chip was dodging Root Beer bottles from Grumbles, when Chip noticed that he was right under the hook that was used for loading the ship. He threw he Crimestoppers Manual at it hooking Grumbles, James then noticed what Chip was trying to do and used one of his grappling hooks to lift the hook back up in the air. Prunewhip came after Chip, Chip quickly grabbed a package of Root Beer “You like Root Beer so much then here have you're fill!” He said dumping the package, all the bottles started rolling and Prunewhip got caught by them and went over the edge of the Boat as well. Chip then noticed a truck full of Officers pulling up and they arrested both Prunewhip and Flatfoot, “Here's another one!” James shouted as he threw a tied up Grumbles down, an officer catched the crook and shouted “Thanks!”

Chip was chasing the Glove. Using a rope He caught her and pulled her down. “Now Let's see who you really are!” He pulled off the Glove to reveal it was Breath-mint Baloney. “Tell me Chip, Was there ever a chance for us?” Baloney asked. “Only a Fishy one.” He replied, dropping her in a bucket full of fish. The Police came on the boat and Took her away. “We Won!” Britt shouted. “Chip!” Bess shouted. “Oh Chip you were so brave,” She then grabbed his trenchcoat “Now do you have something to ask me?” She asked Irritated. “Um... well... um...” “Extra Extra! Read all about it! Tracy asks Bess to tie the knot!” Kiddo shouted. “Yea, will you?” Chip asked. “Oh, Yes!” Bess hugged him. “Well, I'm glad that it all worked out.” James said. “Yea, can we go home now?” Brittany asked. “Yep, Bye Chip, Bess and Kiddo!” James shouted. After everyone said their goodbye's, James pulled out his iPhone and opened a portal back to their own Dimension, and they went through it.

The Machine Activated opening a portal, “What's going to happen now?” Simon asked. “I hope we wont have anymore trouble.” Theodore said. When they saw James and the others come out of the portal, then It closed. “Are you guys okay?” Simon asked. “Yea, were fine.” Brittany replied calmly. “You're not mad anymore?” Simon asked. “Nope, because I understand now, It wasn't you're fault, You did the best you could, And you're one of the smartest people I know, I...I...I was … wrong, Will you forgive me?” Brittany asked looking down. “Yea, of course Brittany! You're my friend, I can't hold a grudge against you.” Simon replied. “Did I just hear Brittany say sorry for something? That's Amazing!” Jeanette said amazed. “I'm going to go take a rest.” James said walking upstairs. “They seem to get along better, scene we've gotten here.” The thought mad him smile, as he sat down in the living room. “I just hope it stays like this.”

[End of Part 11]

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