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Atop a Mountain, The Angels were getting away from an avalanche on skies, When a portal opened behind them spitting out Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, and James right in front of the Avalanche “Uh-oh...” James said as he saw the avalanche right by him, Ejecting his grappling hooks he caught Brittany and Jeanette before they landed and grabbed Eleanor with his left hand, and pressed a button on the Backpack he was wearing. Stabilizers popped out from it and it began to fly. he flew down to the bottom of the mountain. The Angels saw this and were amazed that someone else had something that could fly. When they reached where James and the Chipettes where Britt said, “Who are you and where did you get a Jet-pack like that?” “I was wondering where the Jet-pack came from also.” Eleanor replied. James introduced himself to the angels along with the chipettes. “So how did you get that Jet-pack?” Jean asked. “Well, Me, Jeanette and another friend had built it just lately, I have to admit, this was a great Field test for it, right Jeanette?” “...right...” Jeanette replied reluctantly. “So who are you?” James asked. “We're known as Alvie's Angels.” Britt replied, “I'm the leader, Britt.” “I'm Jean, Intelligence Officer.” Jean replied. “And I'm Ellie,Special Operations Officer” Ellie replied. “Wait, I think I remember this!” Brittany exclaimed. “You do?” James asked looking at Brittany confused. “I do too.” Jeanette said. “Yea, we were in the mall when a thief ran through and tripped on us, then we dreamed that we were Alvie's Angels, which sort-of had to do that we were watching Starsky's Angels right before.” she explained. “I thought that show was called Charlie's Angels...” James replied. “I guess their might be more differences between our Universe's than I thought...” James looked up at the avalanche, “Maybe we should head on out before we become Snowmen...” He said to the group. “Simon and Theodore are waiting for us at the bottom.” Britt replied. “Then lets head on out.” James exclaimed.

At the bottom of the mountain, Simon and Theodore were waiting for the Angels. “And they say I'm always late...” Simon exclaimed. “They'll be here, if my information is correct.” Theodore replied. “You're info usually isn't correct.” He retorted. “Well, they should be here, soon.” At that time James, the Chipettes and the Angels go all they way down the mountain. “Theodore, were here!” Britt shouted. “See Simon, I'm sometimes right!” Theodore replied. “I said usually not always.” Simon replied irritatedly. Theodore then noticed James and the Chipettes and asked “who are they?” “Were from another Universe. These are the Chipettes, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, and I'm well...” James thought for a moment when Brittany interrupted saying: “He's our protector. James Seville.” “Yea, their protector.” James agreed. “Well I guess that works... for now...” He thought. “Anyway, we've got to contact Simon back in our Universe, Do you have a monitor and a microphone?” James asked. “Yea, but how will you be able to contact them with a monitor and a microphone?” Britt asked. “Easily.” James replied. Simon showed him where they were in their Secret Agent Van, and after James and Jeanette took about 5 minutes hooking up some cords and other supplies he declared “We have a connection!” Brittany and Eleanor came in and saw Simon on the screen. “What happened?” Simon asked. “Brittany was playing with the controls and warped us here.” James replied while giving Brittany an angry look. Simon just shook his head. “Anyway, We were able to test out the Jet-pack and it works like a charm, literally!” James said excitedly. “Great!” Simon replied. “So can you get us back?” Brittany asked. Simon checked the machine. “Not for at least another 3 hours.” he said thoughtfully. “Th-THREE HOURS!!!!” Brittany shouted, But I have Cheerleader practice in an hour!” “Sorry, But the machine can't warp now, because you didn't warp properly, you overheated it, so now it can warp for another 3 hours. Oh, I've got to go, Dave wants me to go mow the lawn, bye!” “But-” Brittany tried to get his attention but the connection was cut. “Great so where stuck here for at least 3 hours.” Brittany said angerly, “Just Great.”

They all came out of the van, when Britt came over and asked “So what's going on?” “We're stuck here for at least 3 hours.” James replied. “Well, maybe you could help us catch the Royal thief Semion Sycamore.” Britt replied. “What do you mean by Royal thief?” James asked. “He's been kidnapping Royal Children, mostly princesses.” Jean replied. “How” Eleanor asked. “Were not sure. So Britt is going undercover as bait so we can find out.” Ellie replied. “Do you think you girls and Guy can help?” Britt asked. “You can count on us!” James replied “Right Girls?” “Right” Brittany said confidently. “Yep.” Jeanette replied. “You can count on us!” Eleanor replied. “Girls, Girls! I perfected the Jet-Scarfs!” Simon shouted holding up a scarf. “Watch, they have sleeves so you can keep it on yourselves when needed!” “How did you fit stabilizers in a scarf?” James asked. “Stabilizers?” Simon asked. “Yea, you know how you steer the ...Jet-...scarfs... around” James said trying not to laugh at the idea. “Umm.. Oops, I forgot about that, I'll go make some right now!” Simon replied and ran off to go make stabilizers for the Jet-scarfs. “Anyway, lets head out Theodore, where is the princess that I'll be going undercover as?” Britt asked.”You will be disguising yourself as Princess Brittany of Switzerland.” Theodore replied. “Oh I love Switzerland!” Eleanor replied. “Well, lets head out.” James said. Everyone agreed, and they left for the Switzerland palace.

When they got there, Princess Brittany was there waiting for them. “Welcome to the Switzerland Palace Angels!” Seeing Britt, she said “You'll be perfect for being my duplicate, especially because you look almost exactly like me.” “Alright, lets switch out quickly before anyone can tell.” Britt replied. The Princess nodded and clapped her hands and several maids came and escorted everyone up to the palace, and Britt to the Princesses dressing room. “So if Britt is going to be you then what are you going to be?” James asked the Princess. “I'm going to be acting as a servant for my father, hopefully we'll be able to fool him into trying to kidnap Britt so you can catch him.” She said hopeful that they will succeed.

“Right this way my lady and guests.” One of the servants said to the girls. Everyone followed the servant to a room that had several outfits in it. “Umm, do you have any male outfits about my size?” James asked the servant. “Right over here.” She pointed to a closet that had several outfits for men in it. “Lets get ready and pray this works.” Britt replied. Everyone changed into the clothes that were provided. “They couldn't have had something nicer than this?” Brittany grumbled. “Brittany, this isn't the time to be complaining.” Eleanor replied. “We've decided to help them catch this guy, so stop complaining and start helping.” “But...” “Eleanor's right Brittany.” Jeanette interrupted. “Not you too Jeanette.” “Brittany, quite complaining and lets get to work.” James said. “Ok...” Brittany was unhappy that she had to dress like a slave.

Everyone waited for several hours and when night time came they were ready. Suddenly they herd footsteps walking up the stairs at about half past midnight, then the door creaked open, A man snuck in and pulled out a little gun-like object. Britt pretended to wake up and said “Who are you?”The man didn't answer. She turned on the light only to find that the power was cut. “I asked you who-” Mid-sentence the man shot her with the gun, she stopped talking, and moving, their was no thud or anything. Ellie decided to find out what happened so she turned on a flashlight and saw that Britt a gold statue, then the man shot the light and Ellie and she turned to gold as well. Jean almost fell but was caught by the princess, and Eleanor. The man grabbed the two statues and jumped out the window.

“So that's how he does it, he turns the princesses into gold, and that's why they never screamed.” Jean replied. “Let's follow him, now!” James told them, everyone agreed and followed him to an Island filled with Gold Statues. “Wow, he could make a fortune off of all these statues” Jeanette said. “Yes, but all these statues are actually people he's turned into statues and stolen.” Jean replied. “There's a building over there!” James said pointing at a building that was really unrecognizable. “Britt and Ellie are in there!” Jean said. “How do you know?” Brittany asked. “I placed a tracking device on them as he got away with them, and the beacon is coming from that house.” Jean replied. “Let's go, but keep watch, we don't want to end up like Britt and Ellie.” James said. “Right.” Everyone replied. They walked into the house and began to look for something that looks like an antidote. They walked into a room where there was a throne. “Welcome to my home, Jean and company, I see you brought the real princess with you, Excellent. I am Semion Sycamore, Inventor of the gold serum.” He said to them, “And for my real prize.” He pulled out the same gun as he did before and shot Princess Brittany with it, before she could react she turned to gold. “And now for the rest of you.” He shot 5 shots at them, From James' arms came 2 Tonfas and he moved fast enough to block all 5 of them with them. “Wait, you have tonfa's as well?” Jeanette asked amazed as everyone else was. “Yep, and the best part is...” James activated something on the tonfa that the tonfa's split in half and there was a blade there, it looked extremely sharp. “They also work as blades.” he finished. “So where's the antidote?” James asked. “Ah, yes the Antidote, right here.” All of them suddenly noticed a small bottle around his neck.

“I'd say it's time to play.”James said charging at him, Eleanor went to his right and Jean to his left, Jeanette and Brittany tried to find Britt and Ellie so that if they got the antidote, they would be able to use it immediately. There was a couple moments of Hopping and Grabbing for the bottle, until James cut the string that was holding it in place. And then Jean grabbed the bottle before it hit the ground, James then kicked him into the wall, which knocked him out. They turned away and began the work on reverting the statues back to people, including Ellie and Britt. But, before they were finished he woke up and said, “You may have gotten my antidote but I'll be back!”He ran for his boat. The Angels chased him, but it was futile, they weren't fast enough to catch him. “We'll never catch him at this rate.” Britt said. “Stand Back!” James shouted. The girls were confused but they moved anyway. Then James activated his Grappling hooks and tied up his feet, making him trip and fall. “You caught him!” Ellie said surprised. “Lets tie him up this time, so he won't cause any more trouble.” James suggested. They all agreed and tied him up so he couldn't get away, or at least until he was thrown in prison.

[Back at the Angel's Headquarters]

“Good Job Angels, You caught the Royal thief! Great Job girls.” Alvie said through a monitor. “Alvie, when do we get to actually see you?” Britt asked. “Well, I've got some other things on my schedule right now, so maybe sometime later.” Alvie replied. The Screen then turned off. “Is he always like that?” James asked. “Mostly.” Britt replied. “Well, maybe enough time has passed so you guys can go home.” Ellie said. “I'll Check.” James replied. Pulling out his now fixed iPhone he contacted Simon. “Simon, are you done fixing it yet?” “Yep, just give me a second to open a portal” Simon replied. At that moment a Portal back to their own Universe opened. “Well, it's time we get back home.” James said with a sigh. Everyone said their last farewells then James and the Chipettes hopped into the portal and back to their own Dimension.

[End of Part 10]

Part 11 --->

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