Note: Because both Parts 1 and 2 were in a Different Format I will be making and posting Updated Versions using my current format with them. Here is the Updated Part 1.

It's been 3 months since the Chipettes had come to live with Dave. Dave was starting to be unable to keep up with everything. Both Carriers had been taking so much out of him that it was barely able to have much free time to spend with his kids. After hearing that is cousin James was moving from Wisconsin to the L.A. Area, Dave had invited him over. But keeping a surprise for later for both James and the kids.

The door bell rang as the kids just finished getting ready for Diner. “Who's There?” Brittany called out from the other side of the door. “It's your cousin James.” The person on the other side of the door replied. “Ok, one second.” Brittany replied. Brittany ran over to Dave and told him that James' here. “Great, give me a second” Dave replied. Dave came out of his room and walked over and opened the Door. A tall man was standing there. He had Auburn hair that had a reddish tint to it, He had excellent green eyes, and was dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts. He overall looked quite handsome. He seemed to be about 21 years old. “Come on in, James.” Dave offered. “Thanks.” James replied. “So how's your legs scene the Concert?” “They have completely healed now which is good.” Dave replied. “So I finally get to meet Dave's kids. How great!” James replied. The Chipmunks and Chipettes were standing over on the counter. “Here they are,” Dave told James. He turned over to his kids. “Kids why don't you introduce yourselves?” “Ok, I'm Brittany.” Brittany said. “I'm Jeanette.” Jeanette added. “And I'm Eleanor.” Eleanor replied. “And we're The Chipettes!” Brittany added in lastly. “I'm Simon” Simon said. “I'm Alvin, The Awesome-est one!” Alvin added. “And I'm Theodore.” Theodore added in lastly. “And we're the Chipmunks!” Alvin added in trying not to be beat by Brittany's entry. “Well Hi, I'm James. Nice to meet you all.” James replied. “Yea!” they all replied. They enjoyed a scrumptious meal made by Dave with both Theodore and Eleanor helping out. It was Spaghetti with Meatballs and Blueberry Surprise (made by Eleanor) After they cleared the table the began a game of Monopoly. Theodore got to be banker. And Jeanette had successfully gotten both Park Place and Boardwalk along with all the railroads which made Both Alvin and Brittany go Bankrupt. Later both James and Simon went bankrupt because Jeanette ended up with hotels almost everywhere. Eventually, Jeanette won the Game and everyone enjoyed watching an episode of Meercat Manor with sodas. Then Dave said. “James, can I talk to you in my study privately?” “Sure.” James replied, and they both walked into the study and closed the door. The Chipmunks and Chipettes began to discuss what it was about. “I wonder what Dave wanted to talk to James about privately?” Brittany thought out-loud. “Why don't we listen in to see what their saying?” Alvin suggested. Everyone else agreed. They began to listen in by the window, but they could'nt really understand. But they did get bits and pieces. “...Can't handle this much, taking care of the boys and girls ...” Dave said. “... I can take care of the Chipettes .... take them off your Hands ...” James replied. “Yea, … Moving … Great...” Dave replied. “Was anyone else able to get anything else of what they said?” Brittany asked. “Not really.” Jeanette replied. “If Dave is sending away the Chipettes, We might never see them again.” Alvin said. “And Dave said that he's been moving” Brittany replied. Then she thought “Maybe to New York or China or someplace like that!” she exclaimed. “Come on, we can't possibly make assumptions by the few things we herd.” Simon retorted. “You're not the one that's moving away.” Brittany replied looking at Simon angerly. “Simon's right, It's not likely that Dave would ship us off without telling us!” Jeanette replied. “Not you to Jen!” Brittany replied. Theodore and Eleanor were both hugging and crying “I don't want you to go Eleanor!” Theodore told her “I don't want to leave you either Theodore!” Simon turned to the couple “Pull yourselves together! we'll ask Dave when they come out ok?” “Yea, besides, Why would anyone take Chipmunks to China?” Jeanette replied. “Maybe to eat us! Like Ian would of!” Brittany replied dreading the thought. “Brittany!” Jeanette replied. “Ok, maybe not...” Brittany replied. “Lets just wait for them to come out.” Simon interrupted. Everyone reluctantly agreed. Dave and James left Dave's Study. “Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, can we talk to you for a moment?” Dave requested. “Ok...” They replied reluctantly. Dave, James, and the Chipettes went into the study and closed the door again. “We've been talking about you girls.” Dave began when Eleanor almost beginning to cry again said “We don't want to leave and go to New York or China! I want to stay with Theodore!” She shouted almost crying throughout it. “What gave you that idea?” James replied trying not to laugh on how absurd their story sounded. “Were you listening in on our conversation?” Dave asked. “Yea, and then Alvin and Brittany began assuming a bunch of stuff.” Jeanette told them. “That's definitely not what we were talking about.”James replied. “So your not taking us from our boyfriends?” Brittany asked. “Nope.” James replied. “We were talking about James becoming your new manager.” Dave replied. “Oh... Then what did you say about James moving to New York?” Brittany asked. “No, I'm not moving to New York, I was there on a vacation a month ago, we talked about for a little bit. I'm Moving here, to LA.” James replied. “So Girls, do you want him to become your New Manager?” Dave asked. “Well... I do like him, and he seems like fun.” Brittany thought out-loud. “Sure! I like it!” She finally said. “I'm In for that!” Jeanette replied. “I love that idea! As long as I get to stay with Theo I'm game!” Eleanor said. “Alright then it's settled! James will be Managing the Chipettes from now on!” Dave announced. They all walked out of the study.

Alvin ran up to Brittany. “So when are you leaving for NYC?” He asked. “We're not. Simon was right, YOU made assumptions.” Brittany replied snobbishly and giving him an angry look. “Oh... Great!” Alvin replied. “Jeanette and Simon just rolled their eyes. “Well, it's time for me to go. See all of you soon!” James said. “Don't worry about what happened, I'll be talking to Alvin and Brittany about it later.” Dave replied. “Ok, I guess. Well, Later Dave.” James said while walking out the door. “Bye James!” Everyone replied. James closed the door and left for his new home. “Alright everyone! Off to bed, you all have school tomorrow. And I will be talking to you Alvin and you Brittany about not listening in on other peoples business then to.” Dave said. “Yes Dave.” Both Alvin and Brittany replied.

[End of Part 1]

Part 2 --->

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