• SitcomLover

    Hey, can somebody help me or at least give me some advice on making an Alvin and the Chipmunks sitcom? Because, you know, I'm just a huge fan of AATC, and I also like sitcoms (hence my username, "SitcomLover"). Here's the theme song that's all set!

    Alvin appears on the screen, and says, "1!". Simon appears on the screen next to Alvin, and says, "2!". Then, Theodore appears on the other side of Alvin, and says, "3!". Then, Alvin shouts, "Go!". Then, the Chipmunks start dancing as the theme song starts playing.)


    (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore all pop out from the bottom screen.)

    THE CHIPMUNKS: Watch out

    'Cause here we come

    (They go back down. Then, they start dancing onscreen.)

    THE CHIPMUNKS: It's been a while, …

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