Tiffany and the Munkettes

Tiffany(middle) Melissa (right hand side) and Katie ( left hand side.)

Tiffany and the Munkettes is a band created by Ian, then passed to Dave and they live with the chipmunks and chipettes.

Band MembersEdit

Tiffany- The lead singer. She is naiive, has an attitude and an awesome singer. She is currently dating Jack.

Melissa- The 2nd singer. She is cute,sweet, and a great singer. She is almost dating Mack.

Ruby- The 3rd singer. She is beautiful, pretty smart, and an awesome singer. She isn't in all the pictures. She is dating Joe.

Katie- The 4th singer. She is smart, nice and fragile, and a pretty good singer. She is almost dating Albert.




Price Tag by Ruby ft. Joe


Party Rock (Girl Version.) ft. The Munks



Super Bass

Nothin' on you ft. The Munks


Bewitched ft. The Munks

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