HEY! Brittany shouted.Don't touch my hair! Oh boy,Emily said.this is going to take a while. They were trying to somehow put emily back into brittany,but kept failing miserably. I couldn't have taken all of her niceness,could I? she said sighing.Of course not. alvin replied,trying to make her feel better. She was so nice to us before,not even a million emilys could take it away. I hope your right, emily replied,sighing. She sounds very stubborn inside. Simon came running in right after she said that. Guys! I know what to do! he said happily. You know how to put me back in brittany?! emily replied,just as happy. ''no,not necesseraly,he began...

You see, while i was exploring the ship,i ended up in the cabin of a gypsy. I told her about our predicament and she wrote down a spell we can use on brittany until we find a way to put emily back into her! he finished proudly.Great, what is it? emily asked. It goes like this................

                                                   Gash of skin, eye of creep, put this girl in the ALVIN SLEEP!

                                                    Brittany felt a strong urge to close er eyes. The las thing she heard(before she slept) was Goodbye brittany.........

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