The Chunkypettes were the Chipettes' counterpart. They where good, smart and kind. The Chipettes hate them and think they stole the Chipmunks from them.


Sarah WrightEdit

The good one she is Brittany's counterpart. She was the lead singer of Chunkypettes.

Eleanora wrightEdit

The kind one she is thinner while Eleanor is is almost little fat she was Eleanor counterpart. She was the second singer of Chunkypettes.

Juliana WrightEdit

The smart one. She is the tallest and Jeanette's counterpart. The third singer of the Chunkypettes.

The dream of spyEdit

The Chipettes were dreaming there were called Angels while the Chunkypettes are called Hawk Spies.

There were villians who were taking task by a jewel thief named Chad.

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