The Chipettes is a Television series and the priority of "The Powerpuff Girls".

Characters Edit

Brittany Miller (voiced by Chistina Applegate) is the lead singer of The Chipettes and a self leader. She can get angry very easily and usally fights with Jeanette, but overall, they get along well as sisters. Her Speceal power is being lead singer.

Elenore Miller (voiced by Amy Poeler in the series and Janice Karmen in the What A Cartoon! Series) the sweetest Chipette you'll ever meet. She likes cooking and playing sport games. She the Brittany get along well, but her and Jeanette fighting makes Elenore feel like crying. She is the sensitive one of the Chipettes. Her Speceal power is being a back-up singer, along with Jeanette.

Jeanette Miller (voiced by Elizabeth Daily) is the tough one of the Chipettes. More soon.

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