The Alvin Show is a fan-made Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD

TAS Volume 2


Lights, Camera... ALVIN!!!

Alvin and The Chipmunks made their television debut in their 1961 hit series, The Alvin Show, one of the first animated prime time shows on television.

Whether The Chipmunks are getting taught good manners, going to a western hotel, Running for president or getting stuck in Arabia, The Chipmunks' unique brand of humor, music and fun is jam-packed into this never before released package.


Contains segments: 

Episode 1

  • Good Manners*
  • Bicycle built for two*
  • Invents physical fitness*
  • Ragtime Cowboy Joe*

Episode 2

  • Dude Ranchet*
  • Home on the Range*
  • Invents first aid*
  • Alvin for president*

Episode 3

  • Sam Valiant Real Estate*
  • Working on the Railroad*
  • Invents The Stove*
  • Stuck in Arabia*

(*) - denotes new release to DVD

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