The Seville House is where Dave Seville, the Chipmunks and (according to the Squeakuel) the Chipettes formerly live.


The house in the animated incarnation.


The Sevilles address is 1958.(Notice the address on the house is the year that the Chipmunks were created.)


Journey to the Dream Mansion Edit

Though it isn't interacted with in the video game, it is seen briefly, but the modern version is shown.

Return to the Dream Mansion Edit

It is seen in the film, and interacted with in the game. It is seen in it's 80's cartoon form in this game.

Disney's Kingdom Hearts: Adventures of the ChipmunksEdit

It has been destroyed by forces of evil, especially the Drej Empire (although Dave Seville has been robbed and murdered), so the Chipmunks reunite their mother Vinny, and the Chipettes, and they'll never return.


  • Alvin (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)
  • Simon (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)
  • Theodore (formerly in Disney's KH:AotC)