It was a cold, icy day in LA. Two very popular chipmunks(Emily and alvin) were walking along a deserted street, tired and frozen. Alvin,can we stop?Aparently we're lost and i'm freezing.emily said,shivering.What?That headband isn't keeping you warm?alvin replied,trying to make a joke.Emily looked hurt.Alvin...this headband is keeping me alive.How could you say that?emily said,tears in her eyes.Relax em,i'm just joking.alvin replied.Well,we both deserve to rest.emily said.why not over there? She was pointing to a huge house a block away.I dunno em, remember the last time you talked to me in that house in england?alvin replied( and the chipmunks/london's house of horrors)Oh yeah,riight. emily replied,but it's worth a shot. So the two walked up to the door and rung the bell. Instantly, a man appeared.Hellooooo....the man spoke.Of how can I be of service? Well,emily started,we are tired and lost, can we stay here for the night? Of course...... the man answered,a wide smile spread across his face.come in.

The man's house was very creepy.It seemed as if this man took to mirrors,for his house was covered in them. Emily found this very creepy,so she decided to ask him :Um,mr,never mind,I think we should be going. Alvin looked at her with a sigh of relief. I would love to escort you out, the man replied,but you are not leaving. With that a wall came down and separated alvin from emily and the man.EM! alvin shouted i'm comin to get you! after he said those words, he heard her scream.

Alvin tried to tear the wall down, but it was made of steel. If only superman were here right now. alvin said trying to cheer himself up. he then decided to try to find her,without the man seeing him. How couldn't he?alvin thought with this much mirrors,he could see me six miles away!"

Emily sat in a cold,winter wind.The man had ripped her coat off,so it was freezing.As she looked beyond,she could see the steel wall that had separated her from alvin.'stupid! she thought to herself.'you should have listend to alvin, then you wouldn't have been here! As she looked up,flurrys of snow flew into her eyes.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'!She screamed.But no sound came out.

Finally, alvin got to the other side of the wall, but emily wasn't there.He looked in one of the mirrors with some strange theory that he trapped her in there. Sure enough, the next one contained a wintery scene which held a small,purple-clad chipette. Emily.
Em! what did he do to you?! were alvin's first remarks.Emily mouthed can't talk in return.Alvin was shocked at this.She then pointed a trembling hand to the left.There stood the man.
Well now, did you start looking for your little lady?Maybe that's why I couldn't find you. What did you do to her? alvin replied. Oh, just a little mirror charm. It's one of my favorite games. You see,the point is you have to figure out how to get her out before she freezes to death. She knows how to get out, but she would need your help. She can't tell you though, because I killed her voice. he said with a smirk. please, I'll do anything, just let her free. alvin said. Emily was shocked.He actually cared about her.Anything? the man replied. Anything. was alvin's return.Alright.How about 2 ounces of your blood? he awnsered. what?! emily mouthed. Okay.alvin said.

After the process was done, the man was jumping with delight.Now, my part. alvin told him.Oh, right. the man replied.He walked up to where emily stood,horrified with what alvin had just done for her.He shatterd the mirror.
Alvin stood in shock.He couldn't belive how simple that was, yet he gave that phycopath his blood.There stood emily,drenched in snow.Slowly,alvin began to realize she was shaking in cold and fear.He ran over to her and gave her his coat.She looked at him with sweet relief.For some strange reason this made alvin happy.The man showed them to the door,maybe not even conciouncly.They ran out the door and somehow made it back home warm

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