Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Tara Platt
Performance model
Inspiration Eleanor Miller
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Eloise (Last name unkown)
Other names
Personality Slightly clumsy, easily confused, easily swayed, somewhat airheaded, hesitant to go against Whitney
Appearance Usually in Light Blue and Red
Occupation Singer (formerly)
Relatives Whitney (sister)

Joelle (sister)

Charlene (sister, by default)

Allies Melvin, Seymour, Theao
Enemies Eleanor and her sisters, James Seville The Chipmunks
Likes food, Theo
Dislikes being scared, rejection, getting blamed, her sisters making her the butt of jokes
Powers and abilities The Dark Elemental Power Of Earth

Eloise (or Evil Eleanor or Anti-Eleanor) is Eleanor's evil counterpart. Unlinke her, though, is less likely to go against her sister Whitney, as Eleanor attempts to stop Brittany. Because she's afraid of being rejected and blown off by others (specifically Whitney) In The Chipmunk Multi-Verse she (quietly) rules the Darkmunk Universe with her sisters and the Darkmunks and is very defensive of Joelle. She has the Dark Elemental Power of Earth and is trying to master it currently, but may never be able to. She has the power to turn people to stone by looking them in the eye and saying Mudusa's Glance, or Gorgon's Eye. (Gorgon's Eye is slower though) She is usually used to get rid of Important people, but she is easily swayed by emotions and can be convinced to do anything easily.

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