The Darkmunk Universe is apart of the Chipmunk Universe, and is the only Evil Universe in the Multi-Verse. This Universe resembles the Transformers Shattered Glass Universe. And no one (except for James Seville and co.) have left this Universe, so If you're planning a vacation there, make sure your calender is empty for... the rest of your life.

People living thereEdit

The Darkmunks - Rulers of the Darkmunk Universe along with the Darkettes.

  • Melvin
  • Seymour
  • Theo
  • Dav (Dark Dave) - The Darkmunks Adoptive Father. He acts like he doesn't care what they do, but secretly he has been leading them to control the Multiverse.

The Darkettes - Also rules the Darkmunk Universe along with the Darkmunks.

The Resitance