Early LifeEdit

Befor the Vexodrone Global Take-over, Simon and his brothers Alvin and Theodore were living with their adoptive father, Dave Seville, who was a scientist and one of the lead designers of the original Vexodrones. After the Vexodrones took over, he, his brothers and father went into hiding and eventually became under protection of the US Resistance. His father quickly turned the unorganised group of rebels into a real Resistance Fighting force.

Leader of the RestanceEdit

Like his brothers and other children, he enrolled in the army at at the age of 15 and proved himself an excellent soldier. In a span of three years he rose up from soldier to commander and thus leader of the US Resistance Force. His brothers, also excellent soldier, quickly joined him as leading commanders.

Recently, he and a squad of soldier have infiltrated a Vexo Containment Base and has rescued a young female chipmunk, named Jeanette and developed feelings for her. The two became lovers and a scientific team.


Simon, when on missions, wears military clothing and especially made goggles, instead of his normal glasses. these goggles make sure he can see clear, but also have infrared, nightvison and binoculars.

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