The robotic Decepticon Empire, led by the warlord only known as the Fallen, destroys the planet Twee-Twee, the planet of the chipmunks. The planet's guardian Yen Sid manages to trap the Fallen in another dimension, and rescue the children of the Twee-Twee council, and transport them to Earth where they are raised by Dave Seville. 15 years later, the Decepoticons led by the Fallen's heir, Megatron, have come to Earth to absorb Earth's resources to release the Fallen. In response, Yen Sid finds the chipmunks, gives them amazing powers and weapons, and powerful Zords, which combine into the Chipmunk Jam Megazord, to fight Meagatron and the Decepticons.


Alvin- The Chipmunk Red Ranger. Alvin is the self-proclaimed leader of the team, he jumps into action with endless entusiasm, often his hair-brained schemes get the team in trouble. He pilots the Guitar zord wich makes the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's left arm.

Simon- The Chipmunk Blue Ranger. Simon is the brains of the team, he is cautious and never hesitates to look on the worse side of Alvin's schmes. He pilots the Bass zord, wich forms the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's right arm.

Theodore- The Chipmunk Green Ranger. Theodore is the heart of the team, he is often distracted by food. He pilots the Drum zord, wich forms the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's head and torso.

Brittany- The Chipmunk Pink Ranger. Brittany is the heroine of the team, she focuses more on her hair than the battle, she share's a love/hate relationship with Alvin. She pilots the Keyboard zord wich forms the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's waist.

Jeanette- The Chipmunk Purple Ranger. Jeanette is the shy girl of the team, her clumsiness often gets her into trouble, she has a shy relationship with Simon. She pilots the Saxophone zord which forms the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's left leg.

Eleanor- The Chipmunk Emerald Ranger. Eleanor is the maternal figure of the team, she always looks out for the team and is the second to worry (aside from Simon), she has a relationship with Theodore. She pilots the Xylophone zord which forms the Chipmunk Jam Megazord's right leg.

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