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Brittany and the Chipettes

The Female Counterparts of Alvin and the Chipmunks from the Movie Universe. They formally called themselves The Chipettes. But after meeting with The '80's Chipettes they decided to Change their groups name, so It was less confusing

Characters within the GroupEdit

Brittany Seville - The Leader and Head Singer of the Group. Scene she meet her '80's counterpart, she has been tring to be less like her, in the vain, egotisical way. She's usally been called "Brit" in the '80's Universe so that there's less confusion.

Jeanette Seville - Our "Absent Minded Professor." She's less clumsy then her '80's counterpart. but loves hanging out with her and Simon anyway. She's usally called "Jen" in the '80's Universe so there's less confusion.

Eleanor Seville - She's extremely maternal for her age. She loves helping the '80's Theodore and Eleanor cook (along with Theodore) and can't wait to try a new recipe out. She's usally called "Elie" in the '80's Universe so theirs less confusion.

James Seville - Manager and Cusin of the Chipettes, and also acts as their Protector. James is the one that tries to stay with the girls as much as possible so that they don't get hurt, and is commonly seen working on the Time-Warp Machine with the Jeanette's and Simon's. He (sort of) secretly likes the '80's Chipettes, and says that he promised to protect the Chipettes, that means all Chipettes.

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