Brittany is one of the Chipettes

Primeval: New World Version

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

She and her sisters mailed themselves to JETT Records in a FedEx package. They found Ian Hawke, who manipulates them into believing the Chipmunks betrayed him for no reason. When he sees a news article, he takes them to school, He manages to get them into a sing-off with the Chipmunks, which they win when the group throws the competition. They later learn that a concert at Staples Center is on the same night as the competition. They are blackmailed and caged by Ian. Using Ian's phone, they call Alvin, and the Christian Morphers arrive to rescue them. They flee the car, first onto a motorcycle, then onto a toy helicopter, and finally onto a Pteranodon. They are flown back to the school, where they perform together with the Chipmunks. Afterwards, they live with Dave.

Creatures encountered






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