• The Chipette Protector

    So where to begin? I guess how I began as the Chipettes manager...

    (4 Months after the Chipettes came to live with Dave)

    • Ding Dong*

    Dave - He's Here!

    Brittney - You're Cusin, James Seville?

    Dave - Yep. [Dave then opened the Door.]

    Dave - Hi James

    James - Hi Dave How are you?

    Dave - Quite well, My Legs are almost completly healed from that Concert. So How's the move going?

    James - Excellent. I'm glad to be out of Wisconsin. So these are the Chipmunks I've herd so much about.

    Dave - Yep, Kids why don't you introduce yourselves?

    Theodore - Hi I'm Theodore.

    Simon - and I'm Simon

    Alvin - and I'm Alvin. and were the Chipmunks.

    Brittney - Hello, I'm Brittney and this is my sister, Eleanore.

    Eleanore - Hello James, Verry good to meet you.

    Jeanette - and I'm their…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 3 James and his Chipettes sat down on Miss Miller's couch, confused, and quiet. meanwhile Eleanor, in the kitchen, is confused also, "Why is there another group with our name? Why did each of them have our names also?" Eleanor Thought. "Maybe they haven't herd of us.... maybe their from another country.... but aren't we known world-wide?" Meanwhile Jeanette was over trying to get Brittany to come downstairs. "Come on Brittany! We need you now!" Jeanette said. "You'll have to wait, Alvin's picking me up for the dance at 7, and I only have 3 Hours to get ready," Brittany replied. She stuck her head right in Jeanette's face. "So unless it's an emergency, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" "But Brittany..." "Is it an emergency?" "Yes! there's anoth…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Chapter 1 [In a Dark room, a figure looking like Alvin is standing, and hears someone coming in the room, the Figure turns too see another figure looking like Theodore coming in the room...]

    Alvin? - How is it coming?

    Theodore? - It's all ready sir,...

    Alvin? - Excellent Theo. We shall begin taking over the rest of the Multi-verse as soon as the rest arive.

    Theodore? - There is one problem...


    Theodore? - Yea... but the Machine needs a Time Machine. and no one in this Universe has a Time Machine. or else..

    Alvin? - Or else they would have tried to change the past like that Ian Hawke?

    Theodore? - Yea... [droops head] how can we complete the plan now?

    Alvin? - [Smiles with an evil …

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  • The Chipette Protector

    [[User blog:The Chipette Protector/The Chipmunk Muti-Verse Part 7 |

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 6

    Alvin and Brittany were upstairs arguing... again... "I Bet I could beat you in Mario Bros.!" Alvin shouted. "In your dreams! I've won every time I've played against my Sisters AND your brothers!" Brittany replied shouted just as loud as Alvin. "Why would anyone want to play Mario Bros.?" Al asked to Theodore. "Because, it's one of the newest games around." "Newest? That game came out in like the 1980's!" "It is the 1980's, remember?" "Oh, right." James, Simon and Jeanette were sitting on the couch, watching Alvin and Brittany argue. "Has it always been this bad?" James asked the Chipmunk and Chipette. "Actually, this is pretty light, comparing to last year." Simon replied. "What happened last year?" James asked eagerly. "They d…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 5

    Both Simon and James ran right down into the basement to see what Jeanette and Eleanor where screaming about, and when they got there they were amazed. Both Jeanette and Eleanor were lying on the floor, in front of the Wormhole Generator, both out cold. "What happened?" Simon asked. "And why are they dressed so strangely?" "I don't know" James replied. "But we should get them over to Miss Miller's so they can recover." "Right..." There was a number flashing on the middle screen, but nether of them noticed it.

    Later at Miss Millers* "I'm Home!" Brittany said expecting for someone to respond. But to her surprise, nothing. She walked upstairs wondering why no one said anything. Brittany walked over into her room, and she was even mo…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 4

    "James, Simon, Jeanette, Jen, and Si have been working the Time Machine for almost 2 whole days now!" Brittany exclaimed. "How long does it take to 'modify' a Time Machine?" "It's probably more work than you think." Elie replied. "Well, why does it take so long?" Brittany irritatedly replied. "Why do you care Brittany? And scene when have you been suddenly so interested in them lately?" Alvin said. Brittany gave Alvin an angry look. "I don't need to explain myself to you Alvin!" she shouted. Alvin was about to reply when Simon opened the door to his downstairs laboratory. "Is it done Simon?" Alvin asked. "Well mostly, we want you guys to be there when we test it." Simon replied. "Also bring an apple" James shouted from the botto…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 2

    NOTE: I am trying a New writing style let me know which you like better. - The Chipette Protector.

    Theao walked into the Laboratory and saw it not in the best of shapes. He saw Jeanette's Evil Counterpart clearing out some rubble. He walked up to her and said, “Joelle, What was that noise?” “A bad experiment, what else?” Joelle replied. “Melvin wants to know exactly.” He replied. She frowned and groaned. “Fine, I was working on an experimental part of the Dark-Portal and it overloaded, OK?” She replied angerly, she didn't like it that Melvin always wanted to know every little problem there ever was with her 'experiments' “Very Well, Is it still functional?” Theao asked. “Not right now. Give me about 2 hours WITHOUT Interruptions…

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 8

    Brit was looking around in a Dark room. “Hello? Is anyone here?” She shouted out. Then all of a sudden the lights turned on revealing a huge room with a balcony with something similar to an Operating table with an '80's Chipette strapped to it. She noticed the Chipette immediately as Jeanette. “Jeanette!” Brit shouted to her. Jeanette opened her eyes slowly and replied, “Br-Brit?” Then Brit noticed a Chipmunk like Alvin walking behind it. “Alvin? D-Did you do this to Jeanette?” she shouted. She noticed a Darker presence from him the usual. He ignored her and motioned over to a control panel. Then Brit herd a large noise like a machine turning on, and then Jeanette looking like she was getting shocked very badly. “Jeanette!” she …

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  • The Chipette Protector

    <--- Part 1

    In a Dark room, a figure looking like Alvin is standing looking out a window. He hears someone come into the room. He turns around to see Another figure like Theodore standing there. The figure bowed down a said, “Master Melvin, The Corruption Cells have been completed.” Melvin grinned. “Excellent Theao. Now we may begin our conquest of the Multi-Verse as soon as Whitney returns from Destroying Planet Torkulon.” Melvin replied. “There is one problem...” Theao mentioned. Melvin looked over at Theao in anger. “PROBLEM!?!? I TOLD YOU TOO MAKE SURE THIS IS PERFECT!!!!” He shouted. “She did the best she could, but there's a Barrier around the Chipmunk Prime Universe, that can only be pierced by having at least 2 more Chipmunks and Ch…

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