Alvin and the chipmunks:Meet the mummy is a animate film direct to video.This movie was created in June 15 2001.


  • Ross Bagdasarian Jr - Alvin Seville,Simon Seville,Dave Seville
  • Janice Karman - Theodore,Brittany,Jeanette,Eleanor
  • Dody Goodman - Ms.Miller
  • Tom McGrath - The Mummy aka Steve
  • Tara Strong - Additional voices


When the students of the Chipmunks' school have a field trip, the tour guide talks about a live mummy which catches Alvin's attention, and he accidentally lets out said mummy on the way back to school. So the Chipmunks have no choice but to take the mummy home. So Dave would not find out, the Chipmunks had to take the mummy to school with them. When the mummy exibit is closing down because of the mummy being missing, the Chipmunks need to return the mummy.


  • In this film Jeanette's glasses return to pink although Simon's glasses stay black.
  • When The mummy is trying to fit in at school he is wearing Simon's blue pair of glasses.
  • When the chipmunks take the mummy home he starts eating dog food although no dogs are home.
  • The Chipmunks sweaters have been changed into hoodies.

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